My husband (intercessor) was up again around 3 a.m. this morning. He had a vision: he saw lay lowing, dark clouds moving across the horizon.

Word from the Lord given to him:
Do not allow your foundation to be shaken for a canopy of darkness is lowering over your nation. The only light will come from My Word that will light the candle of your hearts. I have desired to heighten your spiritual senses for such a time that you may hear my whisper and follow my Spirit's lead. For I have introduced Him to you that you would grow in your trust to follow Him in this time of impending darkness. My hope will be as a pillar of fire by night for there will be no day. Look up, not forward. Allow that which I have taught you come forth now. At first, you will learn to walk in this way. Then and only then can you teach others. For as each of you are my children but not all will have My peace at this time of darkness as their trust will be greater in the known. I say to all, "I AM" your present help! Many of My own children's lives will be totally disrupted at this time. They have not learned to walk in the light within their own hearts; only the light given by others. Fear will come to them and speak louder than the faith I have placed within them. Tell those to cry out to Me with all their heart that I might hear them and become their peace in this time of the dark storm. Those I have joined together will become beacons of light as they join together their candle with others. This will become My lighthouse in the earth to drawn my own to safe haven. Your relationship with me is your most vital asset. The time of America's feasting and building of the golden calves is over.
Several months ago, the Lord spoke to him and said, "Do not bolt with the first jolt". That was given to us and our little house church for instruction in case anyone was tempted to panic with the first "jolt" and go mobile, etc. When he was given the above Word this morning, he knew MULTITUDES will immediately fear, lose hope and die due to their perception of what the repercussions of the first "jolt" could be.....the money, no food, no water, etc. thinking "this is it"! However, they have no clue this is only the beginning.

Also, the word "canopy" was highlighted to him. A blanket lays upon but a canopy is tied down. Canopy of darkness tied to this nation.

Steve, thank you so much for being the Watchman for us all. We pray daily for you/family, Hawk, Haagmann's, V, Rosebud, Leal, and all the rest. We need you all because so much disinformation is being given as well. Thank you for laying your lives down for us all. Multitudes are praying for you and the word is getting out.

Jun 13, 2013

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