Dear Steve,

First and foremost I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Pastor David Lankford, Doug Haggman, and Joe Haggman for such a wonderful broadcast on Saturday. I had the opportunity to spend my morning listening and taking notes. The third hour moved me so much that I dropped face down on the floor crying and praying to the Lord.

God spoke to me in a dream a couple of nights ago. The night of my dream, before I went to bed, I spent quite a bit of time in prayer, so much that I actually fell asleep praying. I was frustrated that night because I felt that God was revealing things to my husband to prepare for what is to come spiritually along with physically, and this whole time I have not heard from Him confirming what is true, what is not true, or what my purpose in all of this is. Before I get into my dream I would like to give you a little background information. My husband discovered you in September of last year. The more and more he researched, prayed, and studied God's Word the more his eyes were opened to the truth of what is really going on not just in America, but all over the world. All of the lies and deception were finally revealed to him. All of the information that he gathered he presented me with, and to be quite honest I thought he was absolutely crazy. My husband's findings frustrated me and stirred up feelings of anger, fear, and doubt. It did not take too long before God grabbed a hold of me and started waking me up. Now, back to my dream. My dream took place at my previous residence in Georgia. I was outside in front of my house with my husband, my father-in-law, and my mother-in-law. I looked up at the sky, and I could see in plain view the entire solar system, stars, and clouds. I saw the clouds, stars, and the solar system coming down upon us. I told everyone to look. They all looked at the sky and saw what I saw. Next, I became extremely happy and told everyone that God was coming to start war against evil. Now, I looked around and my husband, in-laws, and I were standing on clouds. Planets and stars were surrounding us. I turned to the Lord and asked, "Have you come to start war against evil?" God's response was so loud that it shook everything, and His voice echoed. He replied, "No, it is not my time to come back. I have come to warn you! Should you choose to listen, you will survive what is to come. Supply you and your family with one year of food for if you choose not to listen you surely will not survive what is to come." In my dream I was at peace with what He told me. I replied with a short and to the point "Okay!" Finally, when I woke up from my dream, I smiled and I was at peace. One of my prayers that night was answered.

I have only had one other dream from God. My other dream occurred at the end of last year when I was flooded with all sorts of information that I had never been privy to. Before I went to bed one night, I asked God to show me the war that is going on in the heavens that I cannot see. I made sure to let Him know to only show me what I can handle. *smiling* In this dream, it was nighttime. I looked up at the star-filled sky and noticed thousands upon thousands of demons. Then I turned my head and I saw one angel. The angel was a huge, glowing, and white. The demons were medium sized compared to the angel, and they were black. Then I saw this one angel fight off in one swoop all of the demons. I woke up from this dream excited, at peace, and smiling.

Please take my dreams to the Lord and ask Him whether or not He wants you to post them on your website to share with others.

Your Sister in Christ, J

Jun 19, 2013

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