Dear Steve,

A friend of mine who I have been trying to warn of what is coming, was
dining in a local restaurant. Something told her to look up and she saw
these two large men who she said were over seven feet tall and appeared to
be black or bronze in color. They were walking around not appearing to want
to eat anything. She thought it was strange because you pay before you
enter this establishment and they never sat down to eat. They appeared to
be looking around the place but never went to the food area. She wondered
why no one else noticed them because of their height and there clothes
seemed out of place for a buffet. One was wearing a shimmering black suit
and the other one had a shimmering grayish colored suit on with some gold
jewelry. They would walk by people but no one looked up and seemed to
notice. She then said she looked away and then looked up and that they were

When she arrived home she immediately called me and told me what she had
seen. I also thought it was strange so I prayed with here and asked the
Lord that if it was supernatural in nature, to reveal what happened to one
of us. That night I had a dream of these huge giant men in this great army
dressed in gray tunics with white trim around the edges of the tunics. The
tunics came down just below the knee and this army was marching down the
middle of the street. They must have been at least twelve feet tall and
frightening to see. I noticed that one of them had something wrong with his
left leg. I don't know what this dream means but I find it strange that
after my friend had seen this and we prayed about it, that I, also, had a
dream about it. Do you think it is a warning, Steve?

When I was thirteen, I had a dream about two suns in the sky. I never
forgot that dream and that was almost fifty years ago. In the last year I
have had, again, the same dream of the two suns in the sky. I have had many
dreams of what is coming over the years and two awake visions. The Lord
loves us and says he doesn't do anything until he reveals things to come to
his servants the Prophets!
I have been ridiculed, and laughed at and even asked to leave churches
because I have tried to warn people. But they do not want to hear the

Thank you, Steve, for telling the truth. You are truly a man of the Lord
and I continually pray for your safety.

God Bless you, Steve.

A sister in the Lord.


Nov 7, 2012

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