America’s Judgment is Imminent: Another Vision

America’s Judgment is Imminent: Another Vision
Two days ago as I was interceding for America, the Holy Spirit gave me these words in Isaiah 13:19-22:

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The Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah, a painting by John Martin (painter), died 1854, thus 100 years. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

19 Thus Bavel, that jewel of kingdoms,
the pride and glory of the Kasdim,
will be like S’dom and ‘Amora
when overthrown by God.
20 It will never again be inhabited,
never lived in through all generations.
Arabs will not pitch tents there
nor shepherds bring their flocks.
21 But wildcats will lie there,
their houses will be full of owls,
ostriches will live there,
and wild goats will dance there.
22 Jackals will howl in their palaces
and wild dogs in their temples of delight.
Its time is close at hand,
its days will not last long.

Yesterday I heard my father hummed “God Bless America“ again. Most often when I would hear that song audibly or in the spirit, the Lord would give me a message about America. I made mention of this song in some articles I wrote about the nation. The song also preceded the vision I had of an oblivious man hit by a train which I wrote here, A Prophetic Vision: America’s Destruction is at Hand!; so when I heard that song yesterday, I asked God what could be the message this time?

Last night as I was in bed praying, my spiritual eyes caught the American flag untidily spread in the middle of the road. When the vision came into focus, I was struck as it was actually a woman dressed or covered in American Flag sprawling on not just any road but a railroad track. I gasped at the thought that she was there to be run over by the coming train.

The message to me is clear. The judgment due for America is imminent. The song of blessing has become a song of curse as the Lord uses it to announce a dire message for the nation who once was so blessed and now is cursed as she rebelled and rejected the One who blessed her and made her great above all the nations of the earth in this generation.

The message in this vision is consistent with the earlier vision that the Father gave me around two weeks ago, specifically in the early morning of June 11. I woke up to hear, “This is America… approval for the final verdict!” As I heard that, I saw the defiant reaction of the people. I could feel the tension as I saw the anger in their faces. They were stubborn and would not budge despite the announcement for the approval of the final verdict.

On the evening of May 25, the Lord laid heavily upon my heart to intercede for America because He has removed the hedge of protection over the nation. As I prayed, this was His message to me:

“America’s walls have fallen as she has given herself over to the powers of the enemy in continued wickedness. She has no more shame. She doesn’t blush at her perversion and violence. Through her blind leaders she continues to turn upside down what is right, calling evil good and good evil and multitudes are following. The enemy laughs at her ignorance that while she exerts herself in pride she actually gives the devil more power to destroy her. Watch and do not wonder when you see and hear increasing news of disasters, accidents and violence for I have removed My protection from her. My protection now is only for those who are truly mine. Everyone is vulnerable and the devil has no mercy. Only when the person comes to Me will he/she be safe. Pray, pray for My people in America that they will remain steadfast in Me. Pray that they will not be swept away by the evil that is spreading like wildfires across the nation. Pray for their loved ones to heed the call and come to Me for hardships and difficulties will only increase until the final hour. Pray that people will listen and come to Me for time is running short.”

For the discerning, the words of the Lord are trustworthy. But for the wicked, these words do not mean anything. As I saw in the vision, those gripped with darkness in their hearts will not heed but will continue to defy the Living God and His message. How else will the righteous and holy God deal with a nation who daily clamors for total freedom from Him and His moral laws to follow sensuality and lust? It is sad to see the nation that once was spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the nations including my own, now fighting God in every way possible by turning away from righteousness and setting the trend for all forms of wickedness.

How long will God’s patience hold back His judgment? Truly He is a merciful God, slow to anger and abounding in love that He still spreads His arms for those who will listen and return to Him. God has repeatedly warned the nation over the years but soon the warnings will end and the final judgment comes. May those who have ears to hear, hear now and repent.

Love in Yeshua.


Jun 28, 2013

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