I was praying to God before I went to bed. Right in the middle of the
prayer, I(my spirit) started to ascend into the air. At first, I was pretty
scared and unsure of what was happening. I went higher and higher and could
see my house and my yard from the air. I kept going up into the heavens
until I was among the stars. At that moment, I looked over and saw a thin
missile type object shooting down toward the earth. I am pretty positive
now that it was the Spirit of the Lord. No words were spoken but I knew
immediately that I was supposed to follow.

I went down and I was now following a rounded stumpy bomb with a
propeller on the tail end. It was definitely a nuke which I later confirmed
from google, to make sure. It continued toward the earth and collided into
a Navy ship right off the southern coast of the United States. When it hit,
a white light engulfed everything.

After that, I saw submarines coming out of the water onto the land in
California. Once they came onto land, they immediately were equipped with
some type of wheels so they could move on the ground. I knew, right away,
that these were Russian submarines and that they were invading America.

When the nuclear bomb hit the ship, I knew that the Lord was allowing
this to happen as judgment for America. The Lord often uses one message to
convey multiple meanings. The bright white light that engulfed everything
was the explosion but was also the Spirit of the Lord. I believe the other
message, besides judgement, was that the Lord is going to go before His
people and that He is going to pour out His Spirit in the midst of the
hardships to come.

Just as the Lord used the Assyrians and Babylonians to get the
Israelites to turn from their wicked ways. I believe God will use invasions
of America to have a harvest and claim souls for His Kingdom.

"He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Even
so, come, Lord Jesus."

Pray for the believers of the world to be steadfast in their faith
until the end and for the non-believers to see the truth of the One True
King, Jesus Christ.

Jun 30, 2013

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