Hi Steve.

Last Friday night, my oldest son got home from work a little earlier than usual, between 9PM and 10PM, and went straight to bed. The following morning, I was up around 7AM and was standing in the kitchen when he walked in having been to the store. I was surprised he was up so early and asked him why and he told me he had had a dream that woke him up just past midnight and he couldn't go back to sleep which, is unusual for him because he doesn't normally get up until after lunch. I asked if it was the dream that kept him up and he said yes so I asked him about it. He said that in the dream, it was daytime and he was with some friends across town. He said they looked up into the sky and there was an air battle going on and planes and helicoptors were being hit and were falling out of the sky. He said that some of the falling wreckage was hitting the ground pretty close to them and he yelled to the others that they should run and find some cover before they got hit. He said he looked up again and said the sky was filled with planes and helicoptors. The planes had parachutes opening up behind them like it was a massive invasion. He said it was a lot like the movie, "Red Dawn", that remake that came out 4 or 5 months ago.
I read this info back to my son and on completion, he said it was accurate. His dream occured on 06/29/2013 @ around 12:30 AM. He hasn't had any more dreams since.

Jul 5, 2013

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