I must start to finally email you my prothetic dreams I have been having
for over 12 years. I am married now and even my now 12 year old daughter
has been having them as well.
The first one I will tell you confirms the coming invasion of America from
Russia. About 6 months ago I had a dream I was driving in rural farmland in
my company truck which is something normal for me as my business is in
agronomy. While driving down a county road heading towards a small town a
town in my dream I knew and a town with a population of about 500 people. I
was driving south in the area where there is more cows and corn than
anything else. When as I was nearing the town in my truck and entering the
town I heard a very loud plane flying over from behind me over the only
trees in the area the ones around the main street and town. I estimated the
plane was no higher than 400 feet above the trees. I knew it to be a C130
type craft and as it flew overhead the back was open and Russian troops
with blue helmets and full gear were parachuting out the back. This plan
was followed by another plane as well. I quickly pulled my truck into the
local diner where I saw a patrol car and knew it was lunch time. I flew
into the diner door and screamed "Red-Dawn' we are under attack everyone
get there guns. I immediately jumped into my truck and tried to head home
knowing I was 50 miles from home and my family would need me. However I
encountered some troops along the way shooting at me and I was able to
return fire as a Legal gun owner and defended my self on my journey home.

I have followed your website and listened to you on the radio for years. I
never knew when would be the right time to start sharing my dreams with you
but I feel the Lord has prompted me to start as the hour is now down to
minutes. My daughter had a very similar dream but even more detailed about
4 weeks ago. She is only 12 and knows nothing of the dream I had as I
didn't share it with her and we try to not expose her to what is happening
as her age we want her to enjoy as much of her childhood as she can while
America is still peaceful

Jul 5, 2013

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