Hey Steve,
I listened to the Trunews broadcast last night. As I soaked in all that you 3 amazing Godly men had to say, I couldn't help but remember a dream/vision (not sure what to call it) that I had about 2 months ago. I heard you all talk about the great divide of the nation, the liberty bell, the split, and I thought, "I wish I could understand EXACTLY what the Lord was trying to tell me", through this experience that I had.
About 2 months ago, I was sitting at a large table that seemed plain...old...like something I have seen in old civil war movies..or war movies...and as I sat there in this warm, glowing atmosphere, there was someone talking me through things that were about to happen to the US. I never saw his face...but I sensed in my spirit that he was a prophet. I knew that I could trust him and the information that he was sharing with me. I kinda' wanted to ask his name (I study names and meanings, so I always like to know someone's name), but I never did. Almost like I knew that it really didn't matter, because his job was to give me instructions to give to others and THAT was the most important thing to be concerned about. As we sat at this table, he rolled out a huge map of the United States. It covered the whole table. And he began telling me things that were about to happen to the US. Most of which I can not repeat...but this ONE thing grabbed me in my gut, and I couldn't stop focusing on it. He showed me a HUGE divide between Corpus Christi, Texas ALL THE WAY UP to the Chicago area of the Great Lakes. It was TREMENDOUS! It gripped my heart like nothing I can explain. I asked if this was a possibility, or was is GOING to be...He said that it MUST be, That it was all part of the plan. It looked like this great divide was caused by a horrible earthquake. Like NOTHING we have EVER seen! SO, that next morning, I looked up fault lines and tried to attribute it to being a possible earthquake...didn't really see much that would lead me to believe that it was a naturally occuring one. I have thought about this EVERY day since. I knew that Corpus Christi meant "THe Body of Christ" I have even looked up the meaning of Chicago, it is an Indian name meaning "Bad smell" or "Skunk weed". I am not sure if it was actually Chicago that I need to be looking for meaning from...or just the Great Lakes Area. I talked to a few trusted friends and one said something that grabbed my attention, " There was a great gulf between the Body of Christ and the Great Lake."
Just wanted to share since you 3 men talked of the divided US. I pray for the Lord's Blessings and Protection for you! Michelle from Texas

Nov 8, 2012

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