DREAM- First Scene: I was at a resort. It was a beautiful resort with
expansive, well-manicured lawns; beautiful trees and gardens, an exquisite
crystal clear lake; every possible amenity was available for those at the
resort. People were playing tennis, frolicking in the Olympic-size pool,
boating on the lake, bar-b-queing, picnicking on the grounds, napping in
the shade of the many and varied trees, walking among the flowers in the
many gardens; everyone was having a really good time. There were some that
were studying scripture, or praying or worshipping, their heads bowed over
their tasks; no one was looking up, everyone was intent on the activity of
the moment.
DREAM Second Scene: I was in a helicopter with the President and the Fire
Captain. We were flying over the resort and I could see the resort was
surrounded by a raging fire. The Fire Captain was asking the President to
allow him to send in fire-fighting assets to the area to protect the
resort. His manner and tone were not urgent though. The President was
non-committal, not worried nor concerned; he was nonchalant in his
response. Look at the resort, it is green and beautiful! But Sir, the
Fire Captain replied, Allow me to send in assets just in case. There is no
need, the President responded, and the Fire Captain stopped asking.
I was in the helicopter with these two men and I was aghast at their
nonchalance. I could clearly see the raging fire surrounding the resort; I
could see there was no avenue of escape. In the short time we had been in
the air the fire had advanced on the resort with incredible speed. I
thought of all the people at the resort, having such a great time; whether
playing or resting or eating or worshipping and I knew that they either did
not know or did not care that they were in grave danger. The only hope for
them to be saved from this raging fire was to be air-lifted from the
resort. Please help them, I said.
The President leaned forward in his seat and spoke to the pilot who then
turned the helicopter and flew low over the resort. The people at the
resort heard the engine of the helicopter and looked up and it was only
then, when they looked up, that they became aware of the danger they were
in for they saw the smoke and flames billowing up all around them. Some
panicked, some returned to their activity with an, theyll send help, we
dont have any cause to worry, and some began to curse God for allowing this
to happen. They all thought they were safe and they were anything but
The helicopter flew away with the President and the Fire Captain talking
about the weather and how nice it had been these last few days.

LOOK-UP My People before it is too late! The Fire Rages! PSALM 18:41

41They cried, but there was none to save them: even unto the LORD, but he answered them not.

Jul 18, 2013

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