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Prelude to dream: July 29-31 my husband and I fasted and prayed for three days seeking the Lord for wisdom regarding a move to a retreat location. We visited the site of the land we were considering for purchase and came home to discuss. It is quite costly and we were seriously discussing how we can financially manage the purchase. I fell asleep fairly late and starting around two a.m. I began to be what I can only describe as being tormented by a heavy, dark spirit of hopelessness and despair. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I was not at all feeling this way when I went to bed, it's not even something I struggle with normally. It was so dark, I even sensed a blackness hovering over me and felt a heaviness in my chest. This continued for several hours. I finally fell asleep around 4 am and then had this dream:

The early morning hours of August 2nd, 2013

I immediately was in large city (I live outside of San Antonio and it seemed this was the city I was in) my husband was with me. There was a lot of people milling about, we were in a heavily populated area of a downtown appearing area. A middle aged balding man with a short muscluar/stocky build wearing a black shirt and black denim jeans appeared in front of us and at first he was normal. Then it was like he was activated or turned on, not sure how to articulate it but he came instantly violent. His eyes turned black. He had super human strength and literally became a killing machine. He also picked up a cell phone that someone had dropped when they ran and he was able to use it to access something/someone. People began to scream in sheer terror and run for their lives. It was pure chaos. Then I'm suddenly in a car (my dead grandmother's car, my mother was driving and I was in the back seat with my daughters) This same man suddenly appears in front of the car and literally begins to hold back the car with his hands. He is able to shake the car from side to side and it also seemed that the mechanics of the car began to weaken, like when your alternator is going out and the power begins to fade and you can' t accelerate. I screamed for my mother to put it in reverse and turn away from the man and we were able to escape.

I was then instantly inside of a building and my children had been separated from me and a friend had found them and brought them to me. In every scenario people were being killed all around me.

During the dream it was like I had a voice telling me the answers to the questions I would ask. At one point I said "wow they (the killing men) are all over the city" and the voice said "they are in every city in the United States" When I watched his eyes turn black I asked or thought in my head not sure, what IS he? I then saw a portal or window open up off in the distance and it was a black hole, resembling space or a galaxy with some sort of blue lighting. I then heard the voice say "they live in a parallel universe, they are created to do this"

The next morning I awoke quite exhausted from everything. I began to ask the Lord what this all meant. I wasn't even sure that the dream was even from The Lord but began to sense that it was. I asked in prayer for the interpretation. After praying I got on my ipad and went to Raider's news to read like I do almost daily, along with Steve Quayle, Haggman's, etc. I saw an ad for a book on the bottom called "God's Ghostbusters" I felt compelled to click on it. I saw a long list of contributors names, Russ Dizdar's name jumped out, I heard the holy spirit say "look him up" I did a google search and went to his site. The first words I read were "The Black Awakening" I heard the holy spirit say "that's it" I then saw a link to an interview Russ did on the prophecy club about it and watched it in total shock. What he described was EXACTLY what I dreamed. He even says twice in the short interview "they are in every city in the US" which the exact words I heard in the dream. I had never heard of The Black Awakening. I knew absolutely nothing about Russ Dizdar. I had seen his name occasionally but had never listened or read anything by him. I saw the Black Awakening and it was absolutely horrifying. I also feel quite sure that it's very near.

The Lord spoke to me also about some of the symbology in the dream. My dead grandmother's car represents a long standing prayer covering she had over my life, when she died my mother stepped up and really became the family interecessor, which is why she then was driving my grandmother's "car". We were protected by the prayers that had gone up before this event. My children being returned to me by a sister in the Lord represents that God will begin to network his people in this hour and we will care for one another. The cell phone represents that they are somehow infused or created with the aid of technology. It's like it will be used to activate them.

I'm quite shaken by this experience. How the Lord led me DIRECTLY to Russ is astounding to me to say the least. I'm just an average girl, I seek the Lord with my whole heart and always ask Him to show my his purposes. I'm quite informed and very "awake" so to speak and I have never heard of these "Soldiers of the Anti-Christ". I believe that God kept this information hidden from me and then showed it to me in a dream and THEN allowed me to see Russ's information. I will add that I then listened to an interview that Steve Q did with Russ in 2009 on this subject and it only confirmed to me even more that this is what I saw.

I believe that the Lord allowed the hours preceding the dream of heaviness and oppression to show me how much the enemy wants to take us out with hopelessness. We must hold on to our BLESSED HOPE!

Aug 6, 2013

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