First off I want to thank you doing all that you do to alert us to whats going on in this crazy world. I've been reading your website for a few years now and really enjoy you and V and Pastor Lankford on the Hagmann and Hagmann show.
I probably should have wrote to you earlier concerning four vivid dreams I have had over the past five or six years dealing with a military invasion of Great Falls Montana. In each dream I was in a different location but I was witnessing what I believe was the same event from a different place in town and out of town.
In the first dream I was near Malmstrom AFB east of Great Falls and I saw something similar to Chinook helicopters repelling foreign troops out on the farmland. Shortly thereafter I could hear automatic weapons being fired into the farmhouses nearby and the first thought that came to my mind was that I wished I had more time to prepare for what was coming down on us all. Also, the gun that I had with me wouldn't load properly adding to the panic.
The second dream I was in the southern part of town and I looked up in the sky and I saw dozens of large foreign military aircraft flying high in formation over the town, there were maybe 30 or more of them. I don't remember any bombs being dropped from them but shortly thereafter there were a few explosions and the house near where I was had been hit with something and was engulfed with flames. The few people I was with were pretty frantic and we knew we had a short time to try to escape the troops we knew were coming from the south.
The third dream I had I was in the north part of town near the top of the hill that overlooks the whole city. This time I saw fighter jets that were bombing and strafing numerous buildings all over town in what seemed like a random pattern. The whole picture was shocking to take in and I remembered the previous dreams and the same sinking feeling set in along with the desire to get out of there quickly.
The fourth dream was at night time just before it gets light, I was out of town maybe 15- 20 miles away sleeping in someone's house when suddenly I was awakened by the roar of fighter jets flying 200 feet overhead. So I got up to see what was happening and I watched as our jets were having dogfights with these foreign planes. Shortly after I saw thick black smoke coming from behind a hill and I knew that one of our planes was shot down. My attention was drawn away for a little while to try to find out if there was any news on the tv to explain what was going on and when I looked outside again there were dozens of smoke plumes from our jets that had been shot down. I then got out my binoculars to survey the scene and when I looked through them I was able to see up close a very disturbing picture of civilian people, (not troops), who I knew were Russians chasing down a farmer and his family. They were trying to hide but were caught and immediately shot on sight. This was happening many miles away but the binoculars made it seem like I was right there. The weird part of this dream was that I felt like the people who shot the farmer and his family did it so they could take over the farm.
The overall feeling I got from these dreams was that it wasn't going to happen right away but lately I get the feeling the time is near. It's time we all draw close to the Lord Jesus and get right with him because he alone is able to protect us from all these things prophesied to happen. Even so come Lord Jesus.
If you put this on the website please don't use my name, God bless

Aug 6, 2013

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