Hi Steve, I wanted to share a dream with you that I had about three weeks
ago. I have been studying prophecy and world events for many years now.
Your website has been very valuable to me and I pray that the Lord richly
blesses you contiually. Heres the dream...A friend of mine and I were
taking a trip to town on a normal, sunny beautiful day. For some reason I
had parked my vehicle and we had walked a short distance to a store. When
we came out of the store we noticed soldiers everywhere. They were taking
people in to custody and putting them on trucks. My immediate thought was I
had vowed to myself that I would never allow myself to be caught in this
kind of situation away from my family where I couldnt protect them. We both
realized we were gonna have to make it back to my truck somehow to get back
home. We tried to be stealthy and sneak to my vehicle but we got caught.
They took us to a camp. They had set up an area where they were giving
every person some kind of test to determine what they would do with them.
There was a commander standing at the opening of this area and they were
ALL foreign troops. They sent me to the opening and the commander asked me
a question that I could not even understand. Before I could even respond in
any way he screamed YOU FAIL and pointed me in the direction to walk. After
about 3 or 4 steps I looked to my right and saw 5 soldiers standing side by
side with automatic weapons. This is where the dream gets graphic in a way
that Ive never experienced. Im sure people can relate to how you have
graphic dreams but you wake up just before the bad happens. Well I didnt
wake up. I saw the soldiers raise their weapons. I turned to run and i felt
the numerous bullets piercing my body all over and I fell on my face flat
in the dirt. I knew that I was dying and the last thought I had was Lord
Please forgive me, and thats where the dream ended. I just wanted to share
this because the bible says that in the last days there will be dreams and
visions. I lay no claim to being prophetic or anything of the sort. I do
love Jesus Christ and strongly believe in him. But for some reason I had
this dream and wanted to share it with you.

Nov 8, 2012

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