There here to disarm us, kill us and to plunder" Men piled out of the chopper as it touched the ground dressed in a military uniform I knew was not American.

For years I have been having deja vu and dreams that seem so realistic I
can taste touch and smell, even feel pain. Last night I had one you may
want to hear. Judge it for yourself, i felt compelled to share it.

I dreamt I was at my old house In rural western New York, in my old room in
the basement. A modest house, it was a raised ranch so the window was at
the level of the ground. I saw a helicopter of type and make I have never
seen before landing in the open patch of lawn in front of the house. It was
not american but foreign, my eyes couldn't recognize it but in my thoughts
I knew it to be russian (after my dream I looked it up online and
recognized it as an Mi-17 TroopTransport ). I thought to myself as if i was
speaking out loud " what could they be doing here" but mid sentence it hit
me with full force " there here to disarm us, kill us and to plunder" Men
piled out of the chopper as it touched the ground dressed in a military
uniform I knew was not American. Appearing almost as a military swat team,
their green and multi cam BDUs and vests adorned with tactical regalia
shewn evidence of training for high risk entry into close quarters. Their
posturing as they approached the house was defensive and they began
stacking up at the from door. Because my window was directly at their feet,
I could see them talking but unable to hear them. They were looking into a
handheld sighting apparatus similar to a FLIR scope used in heating and
cooling inspections. The device reminded me of the ghostbusters film tool,
to detect and measure Psycho-kinetic Energy or a PKE Meter. I knew even if
I hid they would still find me, but I remained still and hidden fearing I
would have my life taken from me if I moved. They swept the house with the
meter before breeching and just before making entry I was taken forward in
time to just after the raid. I was in a line up of arrested persons from my
block as we stood silently arms bound behind our backs with Zip-tie
handcuffs. We remained still as the soldiers stood perpendicular to us in
parade rest. The soldier in front of me was a caucasian female dressed in
plain clothing. A white dress shirt, and blue bulletproof vest over it,
her brown shoulder length hair neat, she was not in the raid but appeared
to have been involved in an intelligence role. As I stared at her my fear
of death ended. A peace that I understood only as the presence of GOD came
upon me, knowing that he was here with me and if i died I would be with
him. I spoke to her not through my lips but by my thoughts. "You have no
clue what your getting into, If released we're coming for you". At that
moment she turned and looked at me with black marble eyes, pulled out a
revolver and shoved it under my chin and replied with her lips " Then we
better not let you go then" she pulled the trigger. Knowing I was fatally
shot, I felt no pain but could sense the world go dark and the feeling of
falling to the ground.
Still sensing the presence of GOD with me, it felt like I was coming awake
from a deep sleep, my hands unbound and free, I touched my face now healed
and unblemished. As Lazarus, I rose to my feet and looked upon the soldiers
which looked at me in freight and disbelief, eyes wide and darting frantic.
They all opened fire but the bullets would not penetrate me. No weapon used
against me was successful. They would throw pineapple grenades but they
would fall impotent to the ground, throwing them back they would then
explode upon return. Men who were once bound with me gathered all around
me and walked with me neutralizing the attackers. GOD's protective covering
was over me would extended to others when they came near in rank. I then
looked up in the distance and saw new soldiers. Officers in olive drab
green dress uniforms with wide red ribbons around the bands of their
covers(hats) and around their left arms. I knew these men were not American
but were Russian and Chinese. As I walked towards the commanders of the
operation their faces filled with freight and they gave orders to attack
but all of their efforts failed and they began to flee. As I was awakening
from sleep, I remember I could see the free'd men gather together and stand
firm and the fear of the Lord began to push forward to take back what was
taken from them, we unafraid because GOD was on our side in the battle.

Aug 6, 2013

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