Woe to a people of stiff necks whose pride has left their God and entered into their bellies.

Whose store houses have you stored in? Yea though you have saved your enemies will trample. Why partake of the corruptible seed? I AM the Bread of Life says God! When I thundered the heavens and the earth into existence with a great explosion of power and might, each particle went where I had designated to it. My laws were written into each molecule to be and produce after its own kind. The mingling of the holy genetic compositions has transgressed my laws and even the rocks cry out to me. How long will I be merciful, and how long will I stretch out my hand to a people with hearts set against me. The rebellion extends further and further into darkness. The chains of bondage have been custom made for each individual. Each individual will either choose to remain in chains of Egypt or flee into the wilderness with the Almighty. Can I not meet the needs of my people? Can I not take care of my own? I am creating an army just as the enemy is creating an army. My army will be equipped with power from on High, and mighty to overcome the strongholds of the enemy. Their army will be vicious and unmerciful. Cry loud spare not. Fight the battle of love. Fight the battle with faith knowing that I overcame death hell and the grave. The foot soldiers of the cross will march against the enemy, and we will push back the power of the enemy. With great exploits we will overcome. Yea I am the God who loves you and I will never leave you.

God Bless

Brother Steve
Can you feel the ubiquitous darkness? (A great heaviness)

Nov 9, 2012

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