ALIEN INVASION :She looked around and there were literally no buildings left standing, NOTHING

My eldest daughter lives in a Denver suburb. She works just outside Denver Metro, however. In her dream of last Saturday night, she was in her office in the afternoon and the entire building began to shake very hard. She's been through 7.1's in Cali but this was like a nuclear or H bomb had gone off. She'd laid down in front of her desk and against it for protection - no one could walk or stand up and they were getting underneath things, rather than beside them, in order not to have them cave in on her as people from earthquake prone areas know to do. She tried yelling this above the roar of the collapsing building to fellow co-workers but they couldn't hear her,..she couldn't even hear herself!

It was so real! She couldn't believe the number of people that had been killed because they had no idea about what to do to survive big blasts or earthquakes - whereas she knew how and what to do to protect herself, having been raised in earthquake country in SoCal. After all the walls and ceiling pieces stopped falling in and crashing onto the floors, and the shaking subsided enough to get out of the destroyed huge business office she works in, she couldn't believe her eyes! There was absolute chaos and panic in the streets with bloodied people simply wandering around in a daze - some with broken legs begging for help, bones sticking out of their arms, and people whose heads had been squashed like pumpkins everywhere with no help in sight and all communications down.

She knew many, many people had been killed instantly when she first stood up and tried to see if anyone was still alive in her office building. The majority of them had been killed by falling roof, walls, glass and the floor coming upward and swallowing some. She kept thinking, I've got to get my baby girl and see if my husband is alright, but she had no way of reaching anyone and she was greeted with unbelievable sights on the wide city street just outside, so she would have to wait. There was no communication service available to anyone. It had all gone down in the blast, whatever had caused it.

She is well trained in administering advanced first aid, so she and others were setting up a type of triage care unit right there in the street - in front of her now totally destroyed office building. Some of the nurses who'd made it out alive came wobbling out of the building, most hurt in the blast also, with piles of medical equipment and medicine, bandages, gauze tape and splints, pain medication, etc., whatever they could haul out. They were trying to find those with the worst injuries to treat them first, but it was very overwhelming as nearly everyone outside had been injured quite severely.

She looked around and there were literally no buildings left standing, NOTHING - but the most frightening thing of all was the "DOME" that went on and on everywhere around them, and up, as far as the eye could see. It was filled with a lot of debris still in the air, but above all the dust and rubble, she could see the beautiful blue sky filled with white clouds outside of this "dome like" structure. She was freaked out to the max!

Then she saw them coming toward her! They were aliens that had come from somewhere, though she didn't know where, and they were all trapped and she knew that these aliens were there to either take prisoners, and or to kill everyone that hadn't died. She awoke in a cold sweat and knew this was a warning dream from the Lord and she didn't even know there was a new program on the tube called "The Dome".

We had just turned the Nat. Geo Channel flipping past the channel because we'd heard it was really hokey this last Monday, but they don't watch television, so she had no idea about it at all and then she said to me, now don't think I'm going all bug out and prepper on you, but you'll never guess what I just dreamt about two nights ago? I don't know if it's about real aliens invading or not, but she is very pragmatic, and unless the Lord gives her a dream and invades her intellectual paradigm through a dream, she is doing prep work as they have the funds for it, but this "dream" had really frightened her and made her think about the possibility far more seriously than anything I've tried to share with her thus far.

She asked me again on the phone if I thought the cities and underground tunnels in and around her area were really there - and I told her I was certain they were there for the elite and whomever else is privy to that information. ~R

Aug 18, 2013

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