My stomachs dropped when I read the post in "dreams and visions" about
taking our kids. I also spend my time in the Bible, and prayer often,
asking for guidance and clues to what we should expect. Recently I had a
dream about the world ending, very little details were given to me about
this, except there was some sort of invasion, by troops, even in the
secluded campground we were visiting-my focus in the dream was on finding
my children-who I'd gotten separated from when chaos broke loose in our
camp. At the end of the dream, I was speaking with a woman who was to help
me find them, which she did tell me where they were being safely hidden-
and this part of the dream still gives me chills when I think of it. She
said she needed to warn me, and then proceeded to tell me three times, get
your kids out of public schools, they're going to take your kids. I left
immediately and went to withdraw my children from school before I even went
to reunite with them, and it was very difficult to do, finding proper
papers and ect. I woke up shaking, almost in tears, and I know, that I
know, that I know, that was my warning from God-and yes, kids in public
schools will be easiest for them to take away. I rarely remember any
dreams, but this dream was so clear, so real, that I know it was more than
a dream, but our loving God helping us prepare for what is to come. But
maybe what is even more difficult is that I have confirmation, this is
happening-soon. Get your kids out of public schools, teach them what to say
of ever questioned by anyone according to the new obamacare HHS guidelines
for "neglect" and pray for their protection through all of this now! If all
of us can join together in prayer for the youth of this nation to be
protected, their needs supplied, and that their faith is strong through it
all, they do not have to be victims or causalities of war! Make sure your
children know how to pray as well! May God be with us all! God bless you
Steve, and all those sounding the alarm! LESLIE

Aug 24, 2013

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