Only the Man On The Damascus Road(JESUS) who dismounted Saul from his mount and spoke directly to him can turn this around now!

29 August 2013: Brother Bob’s revelation of what will happen if we attack Syria.


What the Father showed with regard to the Syrian scenario has made me, "sick within my own spirit."

Have not slept well since last weekend, 23 - 25, (Friday - Sunday), when the Father simply, “pulled back the veil of time and said, 'Look! This is what’s coming if your beloved America goes through with her plans to attack/invade Syria. America will suffer gravely...internally!”

In fact, I have not wanted to connect with nor talk to you about any of sickens me in my spirit to even think about any/all of it. And yet, everything the Father has shown is right there for anyone to see...exactly. I will try to write it down if I can deal internally within my own soul and spirit, mind and intellect, emotions, etc.

Know this...all information flow is a CyOp (sic) [Psychological Operation). Syria is a "Trip Wire Op," for something much more sinister than anyone can even imagine in their worst nightmares. Ask why England has backed away? Inquire why other nations are becoming skittish?! America is being isolated for a very specific purpose, reason, and meaning.

September 11, pay very close attention to the date and the surrounding dates; it is poison to our beloved America's internal life at this moment in history. Only the Man On The Damascus Road who dismounted Saul from his mount and spoke directly to him can turn this around now!

NBC’s (Nuke-Bio-Chem) on our own soil as retaliation for a Syrian attack/invasion? Unless El Shaddai intervenes...likely. Results: marital law, round ups, incarcerations, encampments and resettlements, confiscations of not only weapons but (food, clothing, fuel, water, IDs, property, modes of transportation, Rx's, financial accounts, personal records of any and all data relating to an individual and their relatives, executions; churches and Christian schools bombed and strafed, etc.).

Any and all statements/words against the president/vice president/cabinet/State Department/TSA/intelligence agencies and departments related thereto will be considered seditious and treasonous; thus, grounds for arrest, interrogation, imprisonment with hard labor, and or execution.

This is only a "glimpse into what the Father has shown."


Aug 30, 2013

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