A Vision of Angelic Warriors with a New Assignment

Angelic Warriors and Their Commander
I sat at my window when the phone rang. It was a dear man from a foreign nation. He was requesting prayer. He had called many times, and we always love to hear from our friends across the world. This time something different happened.

I felt a Presence enter in as I listened to his voice speak of how Jesus loves his country and its people. I was instantly thinking of how much Jesus loves my own country and our people, when suddenly I was caught up in a vision that made me immensely happy!

There I was, caught up in the message of prayer, and I felt like I was dangling between two places (see 2 Corinthians 12:2-4), and I saw an army of angelic beings. Yes, they were massive in stature and they were warriors. I don't usually see warring angels, but this was completely different!

They were standing at attention as if a General was coming for his inspection of the troops. He was emerging, then...SNAP! I heard the sound of oneness as they stood at attention. He was surely profoundly awesome; the atmosphere was charged.

The focus was instantly on the Commander coming toward them. He was magnificent in silver armor with a golden crown on top of His helmet. The crown had three colors of stones: rubies, sapphires, and pearls. (Rubies = Blood, Sapphires = Revelation, Pearls = Price paid.) He was wearing a blue tunic (grace) under His armor, and His feet were bare (humility). Somehow this was right.
I gazed at their swords; on one side it said "Defender of the Gospel," the other "Loyalty, Honor, Commitment" (the double-edged sword of Hebrews 4:12). The script was impeccably beautiful and I noticed it changed into every language.

The Commander was now addressing them. He now had two guards next to Him, one dressed in silver (redemption) robes and the other dressed in gold (glory). Each guard had in their hands a scroll. The scrolls were opened and He who was leading began to read aloud. His voice was thunderous and flowed like a fountain pouring over this army of warriors like a wave off an ocean.

Defenders of the Gospel
"Ahhhh," I said aloud, "So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him" (Isaiah 59:19).

Instantly the sound of silence enveloped me. I was sore afraid I had invaded a holy moment when suddenly I was standing next to the Commander. He said, "Say it again." So I repeated the words again; this time I was not afraid:

"So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him" (Isaiah 59:19).

Then I noticed with me were several leaders in the Body of Christ, all present in front of me there of all denominations. I wasn't leading them, they were just there. We were all as one...I even knew some of them!

The Commander turned and looked at each one of us and said, "Do you know this is what you are meant to do?" Each leader looked at the swords and the armor; hands went out to touch this Commander in reverence and respect. Everyone wanted to touch this Commander; each hand was touched back, and as it was, they drew their hands to their ears, making an allegiance to this Commander.

Then He turned and spoke vividly and confidently:

"This army of warriors is being dispatched to assist you in this phase of your mission. They are the defenders of the Gospel and they will help you share the Gospel with might and power and LOVE.
"Each warrior has the breath of the Spirit upon them" (the water that flowed as He spoke was the Spirit of the Lord covering them). "They will stay as long as necessary. Each of you leaders are being given a new assignment. Many of you already know what it is. I ask you all one very special thing..."

His voice was soft and filled with passion. I felt my face burning with tears.

"Will you preach the Gospel to the world and carry the lost into glory?

"Give favor to all mankind; renew hope and heal the sick. Feed the hungry and carry the bags of your friends...for many are tired."

"I'm Gifting You With This Realm of the Angelic"

I looked at the men and women who were standing with me. They were weeping from exhaustion and they were being comforted by these words.

"Will you cherish each day with each other? For the days ahead are troubling, and the days that have passed are wearisome to so many."

Suddenly all were embracing each other as if they were family. I, too, was holding my sister in my arms. We were all weeping from joy together; our Lord was speaking.

The warrior angels were all holding their swords above us as if to say, "HERE THEY ARE!"

He continued to speak. "I'm gifting you with this realm of the angelic to assist you. Fear not, for I Am with you.

"And soon, very soon, a shift will take place and many new leaders will arise. Love them, nurture them, let them soar, for the former and the latter rains will now reign together..."

I was hearing my own voice prophesying this to my friend on the phone, when I realized I had been praying all of this all along!

Then I saw another vision of the army...they were all over the world assisting leaders of the Gospel! In every country and using every language! It was wonderful! Each had a scribe assigned with them carrying a scroll and a quill. These new warriors were getting orders of assistance moment by moment. "Nothing to be held back" was on the top of the scroll.

Declarative Prayer
I was no longer in the vision; I had said goodbye to my friend, and I was silent. So I began to write down this prayer:

O Lord God, You are the Almighty One, the Commander of everything eternal. Help me be sensitive to the assignments You have set before me. Help me be loving and kind.

I felt my heart during this prayer become more forgiving than it had been in past times, a forgiveness I had not known before. I was wanting to be pleasing to our Father.

Dear Jesus, I am willing to receive what You have for me – large, small, or in between – just allow me to do my part. I thank You for Holy Spirit and the angelic realm assigned across the world to assist us in our callings. I stand confident in You, my Sovereign, that we will endure till the end. May all our hearts be glad and filled with love one for another and defend the Gospel.
I pray for the Gospel to be shed abroad in us more clearly and filled with all the action you have for us in it. I pray those defenders of the faith, that realm of the Spirit, to come close and help us achieve Your tasks. I pray for strength, honor, loyalty, and commitment that was on the swords to be released.

I pray for the loving word to be moving. I pray for joy to be full and grace to abound. O, I pray all of You in all of us, O Lord GOD!
In Jesus' name. Amen.

Aug 30, 2013

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