'Behold the vine of the wrath of God'. THE AXE IS LAID TO THE TREE!

I have thought long and hard about whether or not to share this.But I think I must. I did post this to my blog, which very few read (I don't play baby Jesus real well, its no time for patty cake).
I've had a couple of dreams, (get this from my praying grand mother). In the first dream, I see a tall full tree. Then an axe begins to hew it down, a voice speaks, "and now the axe is laid unto the root of the tree. Every tree that bears corrupt fruit will be cut down".
In my next dream there is another tree, its a glorious tree on a hill top. All manner of birds and creatures dwell in its branches. Then suddenly a vine launches out of the ground in front of me with fierceness and coils around the tree to the top. I watch in horror as the vine cuts into the flesh of the tree, I can hear as it were the bone of the tree cracking. The leaves fall like rain, and all the creatures abandon it. As I stand there dumbstruck, again I hear that voice. "behold the vine of the wrath of God".
I awoke fearful, knowing judgment is coming on us. We must repent as Daniel and Nehemiah of old!

Aug 31, 2013

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