Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for being a faithful Watchman on the wall and for everything you’ve done and continue to do to alert God’s people in this time.

In my meditation this morning as I was worshipping the Lord, I heard Him telling me to write to you regarding a dream that I had seven years ago, just after a time of prayer and fasting. Until I heard you this year for the first time on Talk radio, I thought I must be nuts with this dream, and only ever shared it with my mom and my husband. You really made some things clear for me and it confirmed the dream was from The Lord.

As for the dream…

I was somewhere in Europe standing on the balcony on the far end of a condo complex under the night sky. It was a clear night, black velvet sky, and millions of twinkling stars lit up the night. While I was taking it all in, from the other end of the complex (it was L-shaped) I saw an olive-skinned man with dark hair walk down the hall until he came to the last door just down the hall from where I was. He opened the door, and left it opened behind him, almost intentionally, and I could see him turn and walk slowly up the stairs until he disappeared into one of the other rooms.

I could see straight into his condo in the glow of the amber light in the foyer. On the wall was a peculiar mural. It was huge, and round like a medallion. I heard The Lord say, “Go and take a look”. Before I knew it, I was at the door just inside the condo staring at that big round clay mural on the wall. It looked like an ancient carving or something with what looked like a face in the middle…strange, but I didn’t know what it meant. Then I heard, “Go back”.

Instantly I was back to my end of the balcony and continued to look up at the night sky. Then I heard the Lord say, “Look up at the stars”. I could remember looking across the sky. There I could see the constellations; I could see the Little Dipper and The Big Dipper. Right then I heard Him say, “They’re coming back.” I said, “What?” And He repeated it, “They’re coming back.”

I said, “Lord, WHOSE coming back?” There was a pause, and then He said, “AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH…”

At that moment, I woke up immediately from that dream, startled and puzzled at the same time at what I saw and what I heard. Immediately I grabbed my bible and went to Genesis to find out what Noah had to do with all this. When I got to Genesis 6, I read how, “…The Nephilim were on the earth in those days…” Needless to say that frightened the heck out of me! I said, Lord this can’t be! Giants coming back, here to earth…AGAIN?!” I wanted to dismiss this, but I knew it was from God, so I prayed to Him for understanding.

It wasn’t until late last year when I came across Tom Horn’s book Apollyon Rising 2012 that I recognized the mural I saw on that wall – it was the Mayan Calendar, though I’d never heard of it at the time of my dream back in 2005.

Earlier this year, I heard you both together on Talk Radio, and you talked about the Giants, and how they’re coming back! It was shocking confirmation for me. I believe you, so I searched for you on the net, and I’ve been listening to you ever since and praying for you always. You’re Chosen, and one of the few standing for King Jesus.

Thanks for your obedience to Him Steve. I will always be interceding for you and your family.

Your sister in The Lord, G.

Nov 16, 2012

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