A couple of days ago I received an audio email of Chuck Pierce prophesying about
God preparing to enter SanFrancisco, shaking the city and cleansing the tainted
blood of the city. This will happen soon, as God is at the very edge of the
bridge, ready to come over.
That same day I received a call from a sister in the Lord (Kelly) who was
frightened at a vision she had recently seen. She saw the upcoming date as
October 3, with the Golden Gate Bridge breaking in half and going vertical, a
huge tsunami covering San Francisco, an earthquake 9.7 in the city and water
flooding the valley. Many souls perished. She felt compelled to warn people.
Her fear came largely because she had seen a vision of the Boston Marathon
Bombing the night before it happened.
As I was sharing these two events with my wife, she reminded me of a call she
had received two weeks before. An intercessor friend (Margaret) from the East
Bay area had warned Georgia not to go into SanFrancisco starting the last week
in September though the first three weeks of October. Margaret had seen a
tsunami and a devastating earthquake in the city, in a vision. Today Margaret
told Georgia that many other intercessors have recently seen the same type of
Earlier this week, I was sharing some of this with our Tuesday Prophetic
Luncheon Group. One of our sisters (Barbara) told me that the Lord had spoken
to her clearly recently. He said that the "bowl of iniquity of SanFrancisco"
was now full to the brim!

Perhaps these images are spiritual rather than physical. Perhaps the Lord will
do a spiritual earthquake and tsunami and blow His Spirit across the West Coast.
I do believe "Revival" is headed our way. I'm not planning on moving away.

My point in sharing is so that we can all be forewarned, and be in prayer,
asking for God's Mercy and Grace in the middle of all that seems to be
happening. I don't know why these things have come to me, but I believe that
God would have me tell others.Pastor Joel

Sep 22, 2013

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