I believe the Lord has shown me that they will use our children as young soldiers and martial law is coming. I cannot stress the importance of supervision of our children during these perilous times, as well as OBEDIENCE of our children

Hi Steve,
I wanted to share with you a vision the Lord gave to me yesterday. I prayed about it and felt compelled to send it to you. I truly believe the Lord has shown me what the Russians and others are planning to do with our children. This vision took place at my deceased grandmother's house that is located in Detroit, MI (although I live in Florida). As my 11 year old son and I were preparing to leave the house, our little puppy ran out and my son ran after him. I ended up in my grandmother's bedroom and lying on the bed (I felt the significance to pay attention to this part), was a uniform for my son. It looked like a park rangers uniform, in hunter green. Each piece was laid out perfectly on the bed; the shirt, pants, hat and binoculars. I recall the tops even having gold badges and appropriate patches on them. Anyhow, I thought to myself, hmmm...he must be planning to put on his uniform (although, he does not really own one). Suddenly, I heard a group of men yelling and shouting. I looked out of the window and the military had pulled up next door and in front of our house. Armed soldiers were being unloaded, and I said Oh my goodness, it is really happening.They were dragging the neighbor next door out and beating him, shouting at him to "Get down, get down" even though the man had done nothing. I ran outside realizing the danger my son was in, yelling and calling for him. It was difficult to immediately locate him with soldiers spread out down the street, but I finally spotted him just feet away from the house, but he was now wearing the park rangers uniform that I noticed on the bed. I yelled for him to run to the porch, but the puppy ran away from him right into the military group that was beating our neighbor and my son ran after him. I took off running after him, but he was captured by the soldiers and taken to a bus that was parked in front of the house. I ran after him and climbed up the bus stairs with two soldiers pulling me down by the feet, while two more soldiers were pulling my son away from me. One of the soldiers said to me, "Oh yeah, you can come too little lady". Well, I knew what that meant! While I was standing at the top of the bus stairs, I saw a horrific site: the bus was loaded with our children. Young children, somewhere between the ages of 8-13, all dressed in the same park ranger's uniform my son had on and crying out. They were packed like sardines and on their way to a camp for military training. In the next scene, I was at the front door going inside without my son, crying and wondering why he didn't listen to me. Suddenly, he came running to the door; by the grace of God he had been released. But, he was crying because they kept the dog. I knew in my spirit that they would kill him, so I ran to the bus to beg his release but I was then awakened. I cannot tell you the horror I felt when I awoke. My heart was pounding and I was so nervous I began to cry and pray to our God and Father for the safety of our children. Steve, I believe the Lord has shown me that they will use our children as young soldiers and martial law is coming. I cannot stress the importance of supervision of our children during these perilous times, as well as OBEDIENCE of our children. One act of disobedience could cost them their lives with the evil we are dealing with. I had the sense in this vision, that if I hadn't have been near the window to hear the ruckus, my child would have vanished without a trace. Steve~Even as Hitler notoriously used the German youth and their parents were often turned in by their bitter, demonized children when some of them were still prepubescent! This is why I believe ALL children should be home educated and taken out of eery school, private, Christian, Charter, and public schools alike.

I'm very anxious about the many believing parents who think, "Oh that could never happen to my child, not at their wonderful school with the fantastic teachers he or she has!" When you give your child over to any institution today, maybe even more importantly to a private "Christian" school, one ought to be very worried about what they are being taught to believe or asked about their families, parents, family issues, belief systems, disciplining issues, et al.

Jesus warned us about this coming to pass - but still many children are left in the care of others to teach and train them as they will. Maybe this administration, or even interdimentional beings have made a bargain with them,...the children in exchange for their own lives? Another example of this are the children in Africa in "The Lord's Army" who are made to do horrible things to their own family members and close friends, to numb their minds and then they are like little killing machines - they have no minds, thoughts, or opinions of their own, not to mention even one parent or person to turn to. Some try to escape, but like many children and even adults who are traumatized, they cannot think for themselves and they brutalize even each other - told to do so by those who brutalized them in the first place.


Oct 10, 2013

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