Prepare My Brides My dream - June 20, 2008

The setting of my dream was the kitchen of my small lakeside cottage. Boxes upon boxes were stacked on the floor and countertops as I was packing up the 60 years of belongings of my Mother and Father after the recent death of my Father. I was cleaning up, cleaning out and preparing for the renovations and a new day in my family home which is my inheritance.
I was exhausted from weeks of all of the cleaning out and packing up that I had to complete so that the construction crew could come in and renovate the house. I had just completed packing up everything and I was going from cabinet doors to cabinet drawers closing them all up. All of a sudden, everything started shaking and shaking and earthquake!

As fast as I would close the doors and drawers, the shaking would swing them open again. I was desperately trying to close the drawers and the doors, but they would not stay closed. Then the walls began to crack open from the ceiling to the floor and the shaking became more and more intense.

I hunkered down on the floor and tried to put boxes over my head to protect myself and I waited for the shaking to stop. It was like a violent, never ending earthquake shaking my home. I cried out to the Lord, “What is happening Lord, surely I am going to die?”

Then I heard the words, “I am going to shake MY HOUSE to its core!” Then there was total silence and the shaking stopped.

Then, I heard the words, “You will be fine……………….I have a job for you to do”!

The next words that I heard from the Lord were these, “Prepare My Bride for the Wedding”!

Within in an instant, I was not in my kitchen anymore hiding from the shaking. I was in a bridal boutique helping a store full of brides alter their dresses for their coming wedding day. It wasn’t a modern day bridal shop, but a bridal shop from days gone past around the mid 1860’s (Times of the Civil War). All of the dresses were antique and elaborately simple but beautiful. I have never seen anything so beautiful as these antique dresses that the brides were wearing.

I was working hard in the bridal shop and was busy hemming and measuring and sewing because the Wedding Day was fast approaching. There were so many brides to prepare and time was short.

All of a sudden, a young man who was bruised and battered and covered in blood burst open the door to the bridal shop. He shouted to the brides, “The Groom is here……He is coming home from War”.

The Brides, in their wedding dresses, gasp with horror at the sight of the young man covered in blood and his announcement about another tragic war. The Brides dropped everything in their hands and ran out to greet their Groom.

The Brides ran fast and approached gently. Their groom was bruised and battered and walking down the road returning from battle. The brides lifted their arms out and held their Grooms up as they walked the last difficult part of the journey back to their home. The men were torn apart and some with grave injuries. Some were even missing limbs and parts of their body. But they slowly hobbled on toward home.

The groom began to muddle a few words to his bride as they walked in cadence along the road. He said, “It was so horrible…..the war….the civil war”. “It was brother against brother and family against family”. “It was more horrible than anyone could ever have imagined”. “They were so deceptive, you couldn’t trust anyone”. I can’t believe this happened to my country, my home and my land!

The Brides comforted their Groom as they walked arm and arm down the road in total, deafening silence. As I stood as a bystander watching the brides and their groom, I could feel the numbing pain that had pierced their hearts! They walked arm and arm into the distance as the sun was setting.

(The scene for this walk along the dirt roads was similar to the one traveled by the soldiers returning home from the Civil War. It was like a scene from, “Gone with the Wind”)


It is time to prepare your home, your heart and your family because mighty shakings (natural disasters, terrorist attacks, economic meltdowns, famine, fuel shortages, marshal law, etc) are beginning to come more rapidly in these last days. Just like birth pangs and contractions preparing the way for the birth of a child, so it will be when the Messiah Yeshua, the Lion of Judah, comes back as The King of all of Israel, to rule and reign on the earth again.

We all have doors and drawers open in our lives that hide our sins. As much as we want to close up those doors and keep them hidden, now is the time to open those doors and clean your house, your Temple for the Lord’s return.

He is going to shake HIS HOUSE – The Church, The Synagogues and every house of worship that is not worshipping the True and Living God according to HIS Commands. There will be no place to hide for those that have used HIS name for their own gain. He will bring judgment on those in the pulpit who would amass riches and power for their own pleasures while widows and orphans lie in the streets without food and shelter.

HE will come against greed, corruption, haughtiness and pride that will reign in men and women’s hearts before their fall. There will be nowhere to hide on that day. The earth and all of our houses will shake and HIS remnant, he will shelter from the storm.

It is time for all Believers’ in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to prepare, as a Bride awaiting her Bridegroom for the Wedding. The time to prepare is not when the war and the wedding are upon you, but the time is now! HE is coming soon!

We are a world divided by race and religion and rich and poor! You can feel in the air the division that is splintering America into pieces, ( Democrat vs. Republican; White vs. Black, Rich vs. Poor). Our world is exploding into angry factions determined to seek vindication from their oppressors, the Infidels. Could a civil war be brewing below the surface in our country?

Also in these hours, a global war is setting the stage as well. Brother against Brother and Family against Family. (Muslim againstJew, Jews forcing Jews to leave their homes and settlements in this new two state solution in Israel and Christian against Messianic Believer’s)

We are to walk arm in arm with our Groom on this final leg of our journey Home. Regardless of how difficult the road may be, remember that he was bruised and battered to protect HIS Bride and we are to never leave HIM or Forsake HIM.

HE has fought our battles and has now returned to walk us home again. We are the victors in this battle and we are to hold on to His power in us. We are to walk on through dangerous times and know that HE will not leave us or forsake us. We are to take refuge in HIS arms!


Oct 12, 2013

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