I sent Skylars vision /dream warning a my list and recieved this reply from a woman I know here in south america:

Vision I was given in 1999 that changed my life - as much as you care to know. I have been obsessed with it - the details and the understanding I was given even about things I had no idea about.

I saw the mixed-race president and was so shocked, and couldn't get it out of my mind . It was pretty much before the internet, so I had photos of people cut out from magazines to show a little of what the people looked like. Then I even made dolls to show what I saw - of the president who was in office at the end, the wife (in a red dress), the mother-in-law, the 2 daughters, one unusually tall and the other kind of chunky - including the dog, which I am told looks like 'BO'. I even was given their interests and facts about them, which I put together on little vignettes, with their hobbies and even demons. I have them here, and photos of them in Feb.. 2000.

Anyway, the reason I am sharing, is that I agree with everything Maurice is sharing. The end of the reign of hasatan - the end of 'normal' life, such as it was, began with an EMP in the US. It covered from Chicago eastward, and some west, but the 'leaders' were so glad they had re-created the white house in Denver. The power never really got turned back on. Even at the end of the extremely detailed Vision, I never knew if an enemy country did it to us, or our 'leaders', or if it was a sun flare or something from nature. I saw the 'sanctuaries' for the displaced - FEMA camps - and what happened there.
It is my opinion that about April, 2014, is the beginning of the last tribulation - the last 3.5 years. I put together a 300 slide powerpoint presentation to go with the book, 15' long diorama and much more . But I wasnt allowed to speak of it for ten years. Now I can.

This is my strongest agreement (w/ Maurice Skylars vision)possible on this warning. Yes, I saw it, too. People starving, riots in every city and the leaders saying "it will be okay, we'll take you to the sanctuaries". There, they are processed -beautiful children and the smartest, most complacent people are fed - the others are quietly guillotined and made into spare parts for surgeries of the inner circle, and made into feed/food.

Oct 13, 2013

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