CHRISTIANS WILL BECOME THE NEW VIRUS-The Gov't will throw you out and man will turn his back on you and tell you to hush

Dear Steve,

I've never written to you or anyone before. But I've been an intercessor
for many years. God gave me this word last night with such force I could
hardly get it down quick enough. I'll submit it for your alerts if you want
to use it.

The days will come soon in America where the Christians will become the new
Virus. They will be avoided and ignored. No one will want to hear your
opinion or what you have to say. Gov't will throw you out and man will turn
his back on you and tell you to hush. You will even begin to be hunted out
and singled out in any crowd for ridicule and rejection ,but be of good
cheer for that's what they did to me. They even put their hands over their
ears not to hear the truth. I was rejected by man, as you are , but I was
exalted by God, as you are going to be. The more they reject you the more
I''ll honor you. My father is looking for a people who don't care about
the acclaim of man but the approval of His God. My true church will glow
with a light from above and I'll prove his words to be true and the world
will be amazed but many will not listen and will be damned because of the
hardness of their hearts. I love my church and the true church will be
honored by my father and their light will become brighter and illuminate my
Son to this darkened world. Be the light that I've called you to be for now
is the time to shine as never before in history for my Son is coming very
soon. Snatch as many as you can from destruction but do it with an urgency
as it must be done quickly saith the Lord. Winning the lost will be done by
signs and wonders that is coming back on my end time church very soon with
greater force than ever in History. This is how I'll get the Harvest in
quickly. My power and glory will draw the curious and they will tell others
who will come out of curiosity and there will be a great 11th hour harvest
in a few short months. But I must have a holy and clean church to show
forth my glory in that's why Holiness is being stressed everywhere in all
churches. The end is near and the 11th hour harvest is soon to come in and
then the end will come. Be ready don't miss it as much of Israel missed my
first coming because they didn't realize what they were seeing. It could
happen to you if you are not very alert and aware of what your seeing. Like
the 5 wise Virgins who were wise and alert and ready to go out anytime. You
must be wise and alert know my hour of visitation and be ready to leave at
any time.

Oct 19, 2013

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