I just wanted to share something that came to me last night, I believe from God. Before bed, I was praying to the Lord Jesus to help open my eyes wider so that I might better see and understand just how the enemy is moving, and what is going on behind the scenes. What I saw through a dream later that night I think said it all.

I can’t say it was a dream like regular dreams of mine. It was more like a waking vision while I was asleep. What I was shown is that God has put MANY protective measures in place through his love for us humans, and through His wisdom. These barriers are things I would compare to something like “force fields” that you might see in sci-fi movies. These barriers that I saw in this dream vision were blue in color, and there were several of them as if they were layer upon layer. From what I was shown, I was led to understand that these barriers in place keep the forces of hell in check. Whether it be fallen angels restrained, their giant offspring, demons kept in binding, or even other harmful and dangerous things, these barriers you could say kept the things of worst nightmares held at bay for our protection. But in this dream vision, satan, other fallen angels and things of that rank and file were tearing these barriers away, making them ever more thin as layer by layer, various barriers were destroyed. With each barrier being stripped away, some new danger, some new monster was set free of restraint. And here is something of equal disturbance…it was supposed to be the people (of God) who would defend these barriers by clinging to God, continually worshipping Him and depending on Him to keep the barriers in place as we cling to Him and rely on Him for our protection. But clearly, in this dream vision, these people who were supposed to be standing guard were actually letting the enemy in at every level, and many of these humans were actually helping the advancing horde to clear the barriers away!

I woke up and got out of bed right away. I knew it was something the Lord was showing me, and I wanted to let it sink in rather than me rolling over and going back to sleep. So I began to pray again, and I felt as though the Lord affirmed the dream vision to be something I was indeed being shown. He reminded me that America (and world too) have been rejecting God, telling Him to depart. We as a nation have let all manner of anti-christs to enter every facet of our government, our military, and just about every civilian position on the map so to speak. We have repeatedly told God to leave us alone rather than cling to Him as our surety. And He has honored the free will He gave us. And as God has backed away, we as a people have turned on our own blessing and protection, helping to strip it away layer by layer as we laugh and cheer at our perceived progress. Of course, all the while satan is whispering the same lies in our ear that have always worked. We will know the truth of everything and we will live forever. All we are really doing however, is opening the door to the hell and the devil.

In my dream vision there were very few barrier layers left. The veil between what is to finally be unleashed was very thin. And I knew in my spirit that once the last of those barriers were removed, that we would see the reign of the antic-christ on earth, and the full wrath of hell amped up for a time, and unleashed on everyone. I got the sense that this would be very soon.

As I got up from bed, I looked at my clock. It read 12:00am exactly. To me that was slightly odd. In waking during other dreams from time to time, I have NEVER woke at 12:00am exactly. And I asked the Lord about that too. I felt that his response was “I have shown you this dream, and now it is a new day…you must understand that just as quickly as the day turns, so too is this happening.” I got the sense that He was telling me just what He said in the Bible – that destruction comes suddenly upon those caught unaware.

Then I heard in my spirit that all of us need to “Grab our sword and stand a post”. As I reflected on that, I knew instantly that Jesus was telling me that we all need to cling to Him as our Sword and shield. I also saw in my spirit that as we cling to Him, we need to be vigilant about listening to how He wants us to move. I saw that it is quite easy to step out in front of one’s shield, and it was clear that doing so would leave one vulnerable.

Well, I wanted to share that because as I said, I was praying before bed to better see and understand, and I believe the Lord was faithful to grant what I asked. Also, as I was reminded in the middle of the night, it is a new day. We cannot stop the wrath of hell that is coming. The Bible prophesied it was coming and now it has and is nearly ready to explode into full swing. But, we can still grab our sword and stand a post. Because as the days grow darker and shorter, now more than ever, people are going to need to see the light shining if they are to come to God, or if they are to get out of backslide mode and return to Him. Also, it is imperative that the remnant STAND. The dream vision left no doubt in my mind – satan wants to pacify/distract/destroy EVERYONE who would otherwise turn to God, because those people can call down the power, the protection, and the blessings of God from Heaven. And without those things, no human flesh can stand against satan, so he is hell-bent (no pun intended) on getting rid of our defenses so that then, his forces can roll over anything and everyone. Personally, I say no…I say I trust in Jesus.

Jesus is Lord!

Nov 20, 2012

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