I believe NOW is the time for this to come to light, since it goes hand-in-hand with recent developments of a Chinese presence off the coast of Hawaii..

Around January of 2012, I had a dream that I was crawling through a trench
during a war. The ground was made of dry dirt, and as I crawled along the
trench, bullets and bombs were flying past me. For some reason, I joined
the battle and began throwing grenades at the enemy beyond the trench.
There was so much dust & smoke in the air that I couldnt see my allies, &
the view of our enemies was completely obscured. I recall trying to work a
weapon that to me resembled a very old version of a machine gun, but after
a few unsuccessful attempts I gave it up. I began to wonder, Why are we at
war? And who are we fighting? Immediately, I stood up and climbed to the
top of the trench to see who our enemy was. The smoke & dust settled just
long enough for me to see a soldier, head-to-toe in combat gear, carrying
an AR. Three things stuck with me after I saw him. The icy stare on his
face that looked straight through me as if I didnt exist, the black armband
around his right bicept containing a white symbol or letters that was
blurred in my vision, and his semi-oriental facial features.** Immediately,
the dream changed and I was carrying me 3yr. old son Judah and running
along the coast of an island. While running I saw boats by the coast, one
of which I think we jumped out of and swam to shore from. As we ran, I
realized that this island was either Alaska(not an island) or Hawaii
(oddly, in the dream I couldnt differentiate between the two). The next
thing I knew we reached a part of the island where there was a small train
ride for children, except if there were children on board I didnt notice. I
only saw adults, one of which was an Asian man. As the people began
boarding the kiddie train, I felt an urgent need to warn them. I yelled to
them I know who were fighting! Its the Russians & the Chinese! The Asian
man heard me & began frantically shaking his head, as if I shouldnt have
been saying those things aloud. As the train began to move, I realized that
wherever it would take these people, would be a place of death. As I yelled
& screamed for the people to get off, the train took off, and I awoke in a
state of panic.

*Turns out that about a month after I had this dream-vision, the Obama
Administration gave away 7 oil-rich Alaskan Islands to the Russians! Is
this why I kept confusing the island for Hawaii and Alaska? And why we were
fighting both the Chinese and the Russians? Also, the only info I could
find on the black armband with a white symbol/letters worn by the ENEMY,
was of the MILITARY POLICE...now what exactly that means, I'm not sure I
want to know...

Nov 1, 2013

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