Dear Steve,
This is my first time contacting you, although I have beard you on the
Hagmans, ans come to your news site daily.
I have a dream to share that my 11 year old so had this week. He is a
Christian soldier with true faith, teaching me lessons about how faith is a
However, as much as I teach him he is only 11 and still emotional, and
sensitive so I do not tell him of scary things coming upon the world..He
asks many questions about the world and how things are so bad. I only tell
him we are in the last days and in the final days they call good evil and
evil good.
That being said, to explain his short yet powerful dream this week. I asked
him Wednesday if he slept good and he said no he had a distrubing dream He
explained he was at his middle school when military troops took over the
school. They forced all of them into the auditorium and chemicals were
spayed on them, He said it was chaos. He said he tried to get a group of kids
to follow him out but most were dead. Then he woke up.
Then he said this has never happened to him but the dream continued. He was
trying again to gather any kids he could to get out because it was hard to
breathe. Since most were dead he decided to make a run for it.
As he was running away the soldiers were screaming at him to stop they
would shoot to kill. But he ran as fast as he could praying Jesus help me!
Then he woke up.
He impressed upon me how real and disturbing the dream was.
I write this to you because I have never told him there are rumors tptb
could actually do this at a school for collateral for guns or just herding
us to fema camps..He never had heard of this before.
The dream gave me chills, and trust me this boy is very close to God. It
was as if it was a sign, warning, or God forbid a prophecy.I am in deep
prayer as to whethef to pull him out and home school now.

Nov 11, 2013

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