“Lord, I see demons gathered too, they are princes. Each is standing behind each one of these men.

Hey steve,

In light of the US naming Iran as the 7th world power. AND the recent naming of the freedom tower recently being named as the tallest building in the US. I thought I would share part of a dream given to a sister in Christ over a year ago! Thank you for all you do! Keep it up!

Brent Miller

Me: “Yes, I don’t understand – They didn’t ride here.” He took me over to the balustrade to show me. I saw the riders going to the city with the tallest building. He then showed me the six leaders at the table. One leader had come from afar to the meeting place and I now saw seven physically at the table. Three leaders were still via satellite. I saw a contract signed. It moved around the table each signed it. The three via satellite had a representative there as a notary of the covenant.

Me: “Lord, I see demons gathered too, they are princes. Each is standing behind each one of these men.

HIM: “What else do you see?”

Me: “The time had come for the project of the signed covenant to begin, it is official. Oh, this is not good!”

HIM: “Look carefully! What do you see?”

I saw a long anticipated loan or grant finally being released. They were celebrating. Their time had now come. I saw a small silver platter with a domed lid over it – a serving dish in the center of this table. Then one of the original six leaders; the main executor and the one that owned the largest of everything, ring, building, wallet, etc. reached out and lifted the dome cover off of the silver platter. Under this was a blue cut sapphire Driedel. They then passed a cup amongst themselves each drinking from the cup. They had the same goal, Israel. The dome was placed back over the Driedel and another platter was brought in. It was the carcass of an eagle. There was no dome over the platter. There was parsley and shredded money all garnishing this platter. There were silver coins over the eyes. There was blood and something in the eagle’s mouth. This was moved to the center of the table. Again, wine was mixed with the blood and the cup passed amongst them.

Me: “Lord, I don’t like what I see. What is in the mouth of the eagle?”

HIM: “Look closely.”

Me: “I saw a small stone shaped like a capstone (keystone). I saw something chiseled in it or engraved. 'Mene…." I was having a difficult time focusing on this but I had seen this before in the Old Testament, Daniel.

HIM: “Erin, 5th chapter, this is important.”

Nov 26, 2013

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