Hi Steve:

How to tell this, I don't even know. It might be kind of long. It has to do with the dream you posted today (12/19/13) about the Chinese in Canada. Only this was not a dream. It really happened. Although there was a dream involved with it.

About 10 or 15 years ago I had a Chinese neighbor. He lived next door with his wife and daughters, toddlers. They were from China. He had evidently been assigned to work in the USA by whomever it was he worked for in China.

He always made me uncomfortable, seemingly spying on me at the front gate and over the 6-foot back fence, interrogating me about what I was doing in my own back yard in a rather overbearing way, I thought.

Then, to my great relief, he moved away. The day after he moved out, I found a hat sitting on the fence that separated my yard from his. It was a camouflage duck-billed hat and too small for my head. I thought it was a kid's hunting cap that maybe somebody mowing the lawn had forgotten. I washed in the washing machine and tossed it into one of my dresser drawers.

Then I had a dream. In the dream two men were standing in front of a low dresser with many drawers exactly like mine with the exception that the dresser in the dream was old and beaten up like an antique and mine is in good shape.

I could see two men from the back and side as they were standing over the dresser looking down into one of the drawers. One man was of normal height and the other man was nearly twice as tall as the first man. The normal man was dressed in modern clothing, a brown shirt. The taller man was dressed like George Washington, but he wasn't a man. He was Satan.

Satan dressed like George Washington was selling the other man something that was in the open dresser drawer.

That was the end of the dream.

But what was in that particular drawer was the Chinese "war hat" I had found on the fence.

(Satan dressed like George Washington = Satan is the REAL "Father" of this country. It took me a lot of years to understand and accept that).

What followed, below, was not a dream. It all happened while I was wide awake.

Shortly after I had the dream, I had CNN on TV one day and looked up to see a parade going by on the screen of Chinese People's Liberation Army soldiers all goose-stepping in formation. They showed a close-up of their faces as they all went marching by and I was horrified to see that they were all wearing that duck-billed camouflage hat, the very same, the Chinese "war hat." My neighbor had been in the PLA.

The Holy Spirit told me to get rid of the hat. I tried to burn it in the fireplace, but it would not burn.

I had no choice but to leave it in the garage in the garbage can until I could put it on the curb for trash pick-up day.

Then the thing MANIFESTED like you would not believe. The first thing were loud explosions in the garage, broad daylight, scared my dogs who were in the house, but there was nothing out of place when I checked the garage.

Then as I stood in the garage where the hat was in the garbage can, there was a very loud noise like the furious flapping of the wings of a gigantic bird over the corner of the garage by the back end of the car. This went on and on, but there was absolutely nothing there in the natural. Also in broad daylight.

Then at night in bed while I was still awake, a deafening blast beside my right ear, like a gunshot. Then another one as if inside my head. That happened a number of times. I know what a gunshot sounds like. I grew up around guns and hunters.

Anyway, I prayed for trash pick-up day and it finally came and the hat was gone and those particular manifestations stopped.

I did not understand the dream back then, but over the years the Holy Spirit has revealed to me the interpretation. I won't go into that here, except to say that the normal-sized man in the dream represented Israel.

I live only for Jesus now. He is my life. Nothing matters to me but to be with Him.

Blessings - M

Dec 26, 2013

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