Dream says Russia and the United States Already Decided to Have War World III with Nuclear Weapons

Dreamed September 17, 2013 This is a lucid dream I had so I was aware I was dream and could question the dream.

I was in California visiting someone else’s house. People from all over the neighborhood were gathered together huddled around the TV. Nobody does this anymore so I wondered what was happening to bring all the people together like this. Everybody was scared and completely focused on the television news. Dept. of Homeland Security, police, fire, and military were all on high alert looking for the missile that the Russians had smuggled into a certain California city that Russians said they would definitely detonate. The location and city was not known so everyone was looking. It was a nuclear warhead the Russians hid a long time ago as a way of launching a first strike without having to launch any missiles immediately. They could just detonate with a signal. Russia had told the US government it was there and it will be detonated if it’s demands were not met. I was aware that I was dreaming. I argued with this dream scenario and said, ‘Oh come on, the Russians don’t want a war. They showed this when they made an agreement that if Syria turns over its chemical weapons, there would be no air strikes on Syria.’ Then a voice resounded like thunder in my head and all around me said this. “The situation is not what it appears to be! The tension between Russia and the United States is higher than it ever was at height of the Cold War. Both sides have already decided to have World War III with nuclear weapons!” Angela Boley

Dec 26, 2013

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