What I saw was something like a helicopter, it made that noise, a loud noise, but I had never seen anything like this machine before!

Steve, I just had a terrifying dream. Never before in my life have I dreamt anything like this, nor have I imagined anything like it.

I was in a home and heard the noise as of a helicopter. Looking out the window, my home seemed to be in a city - I saw tall buildings. What I saw was something like a helicopter, it made that noise, a loud noise, but I had never seen anything like this machine before! The body of it looked like that of a helicopter on top, and there was some machinery on the bottom. First I wondered if they were pontoons for landing on the nearby lake (it seemed like I was in Seattle or nearby). But they were not pontoons, there was much more structure to it. It seemed like there was a structural bar connecting the two things that looked like pontoons but were more like large pipes, and I was wondering - how can they land on the water, or anywhere with this? There seemed to be something in the middle - some type of cylinder. And the bottom section was a different color than the top section, I think it was red and I cannot remember the color of the top - but definitely another color, maybe green?

Shortly after I saw this machine I heard and saw it shooting, seemingly randomly though I realized it probably chose its targets. I tried to hide so it would not see me. At one point it hovered right outside the window, and I hid on the side of the bed, but was sure they could still see me and expected to get shot any moment, it was terrifying. When the object left I wondered why I was not been seen - did the people onboard not have binoculars or something to look inside the room? At the time I also was not sure who was flying this, or if it was a drone.

I was getting ready to go somewhere, a planned event of some type, with my husband and we were preparing to leave. And my thought was, I have to let Steve know there is shooting going on here, if I cannot let him know right now maybe I can call when we are in the car (going to whatever our destination was). But first I was also trying to find out what this thing was - and remember looking to find a newspaper to read about what happened, though I knew it was too early for a report. The TV and radio were off and I never found out exactly what happened, who they were shooting at etc. I do remember thinking that none of this had been reported across the country, so had it started here, whatever it was that had started?

I heard no sirens in the dream or other noise in the buildings and streets, that was strange and I wondered if the object was firing blanks in a practice run, but it seemed way too threatening for that.Steve, I should let you know that after the dream I looked at the article identifying the various types of drones. I had saved the article to my phone home screen. None of them remotely resemble what I saw in the dream! I have never seen anything like what was in the dream before, anywhere!
It seemed like the bottom part of the object I saw was rigged for its fire power, at one point I wondered about the large cylinder, if it contained a bomb...but the machine was shooting and there was no bomb. I also could not tell where exactly (on this machine) the firepower came from, but I could see when it fired.

Dec 28, 2013

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