Hello Mr. Quayle, thank you so much for all you do as a watchman for the LORD. You have blessed my life and opened my eyes to so much over the past few years. I wanted to tell you about a dream that I had about three years ago that causes me to think twice about places I venture off to with my family and a particular friend of mine.
I had a dream one night that me and my children and this friend of mine and her children were off on a field trip together. I remember being somewhere like a museum which would be a typical place to take school children. We were all walking around looking at things and I stopped to look out this huge window...it was really large, floor to ceiling and wall to wall. Needless to say I had a really good view of the sky. I was looking outside admiring the greenery all around and the really clear blue sky. All of sudden I began to see these tiny white dots high up in the sky. I continued to watch them fall down to earth and as they fell they increased in size and in number. It became clear to me that they were white parachutes dropping soldiers down to the earth. I remember yelling out to my friend..."Get the kids and run, they are coming for us." All I remember is running and they next thing you know we were all captured, kids and all and being herded into a wooden container of sorts, like a shipping container or a box car. The soldiers were dressed all in black and they were foreign, not sure from what country.

Funny part is I had a falling out with this friend sometime after I had this dream. Fast forward two years later and the Lord restored our friendship and we now have resumed our outings with our children. I have told her about this dream a couple of times and we both get this nervous laugh about us. Maybe this is silly but I try to avoid going to any places that resemble the place in my dreams.
Just thought I would share it with you.

May the LORD set his hedge of protection about you and your family.

A sister in Christ!

P.S. I had another dream recently that involved really strange looking airplanes landing on the rooftops of the houses in my neighborhood. If I combine my first dream and my second dream together it looks like a scene from the remake of the movie "RED DAWN". I have never, ever watched the first one and the second one comes out on NOV 21st I believe. I found this trailer on the second one. If you pause it exactly at .39 seconds that is the EXACT same thing I saw in each of my dreams....needless to say this really gripped my heart when I saw it. Again..just sharing!


Dec 6, 2012

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