During our normal Friday night worship I saw a three part vision. The first part seemed to have been in the past, the second one seemed to be in the present time but the third was either present or near future.

I was in a meadow type area and saw a meteor crash into the earth. These black beings came out of the ground or out of the meteor (I was to far away to see which one it was). A few seconds later the army came and restricted the area with cyclone fencing. Once the fencing was erected, you could no longer see the meteor even though it was cyclone fencing. You could still see through it but the meteor seemed obscured. It gave the illusion that everything was normal. This seemed to be in the past but the technology they had eg. The trucks they were driving and the technology consisted with the fencing, were way too advanced for this period of time.

From this point I felt like I was in the present time. I was walking through the South Pole, and these alien creatures were doing experiments on humans. (I cannot describe the characteristics of these aliens because I didn’t see them properly). These humans were willing participants for the experiments. These experiments consisted of injections and high tech chairs that could make someone vibrate at super high frequencies (it looked like there skin was jumping so slightly). Through these experiments they were trying to genetically modify these humans to become 50% human 50% alien. These humans, when they had finished undergoing the experiments changed, they became bald, there skin colour changed to a greyish colour, they had hazy eyes as if there was a screen of smoke in front of them and from there brain area they had extra large bulging veins (larger that a grey lead pencil) running down the sides of their head. These “humans” looked like they were full of rage. I then realised that there was a strong wind heading towards the north. I saw these alien creatures using a machine to spray animal DNA into this obvious demonic wind to change those who were not willing to undergo the experiments (as mentioned before).

From here on it felt like either the present or near future. I was then in a chair talking to this greyish green guy who had an elongated head (his head was not long it was more like it had en extra part as if someone had put an elastic band around is head to grow an extra part. Imagine like a big mushroom on top of a normal head). The extra part of his head had no hair but the lower part of the head had extremely thin long blonde hair, he had a really skinny waist and looked like his forearm was longer than normal. He started to talk to me, he said “I thought you would be hard to catch but you were easy” I then saw his eyes, his eyes looked normal at first but the longer I looked I realised that his eyes had like a blackness to it behind the white, as if the white part of the eye was semi transparent. “I am a watcher, a watcher of the stars. The stars are the map of what is happening and what is to come. I see that you are a Gemini (which I am) that means you will have an everlasting battle between flesh and spirit”.

When he said this I felt so much hopelessness and depression. Then jumping around and in a mocking tone he said, “How does that make you feel?”. After a few seconds of sitting in this hopelessness I said (through my mind) that he has to stop and that I only go where the Lord tells me to go. When I said this, the watcher staggered backwards with shock horror and terror written on his face. This was the end of the vision.

During this vision I felt the Lords presence so strong, it felt like my spirit was getting attacked heavily while my natural body was soaking in an extra portion of the Lords presence to sustain me through this vision. After this vision I felt the hopelessness and depression for a while.

Jan 13, 2014

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