Dear Steve,
After listening to the Hagmann program last night (1/12/14), I fell asleep
and what happened next I need to share with you. I had a dream that
thousands of demons entered my bedroom then jumped on me while I was in
bed, devouring my flesh. I was totally paralyzed. I repeatedly shouted
out "you must flee in the name of Jesus". These demons continued to attack
me. There was total darkness, no Jesus. It was HORRIFYING. I felt as
though I was in the pits of hell and this is where my soul is going if I
don't change my ways. Then I was whisked away and I am standing in front
of a large cross. From the center of the cross a bright light was shining.
I heard the Lord say to me "Come to the cross. I did not hear nor respond
to your cries because you are not abiding in me. Horrific evil is here and
more is coming and if you do not abide in me you will be devoured. I will
not hear nor respond to your cries if you do not abide in me and you will
not be able to fight off this evil in your own strength." Then I was
whisked back to my bed where the demons were devouring me again. I was
once again paralyzed. I breathed on them saying "jesus" and they
eventually all fled.

I woke up with tears streaming down my face crying out to the Lord.

Here is what is so IRONIC.....I considered myself to be a born-again, saved
christian!! Over the past few years, I've started to walk in the ways of
the world thinking it is okay because I know the Lord loves me; I am a good
person; and I am saved. How many other christians are thinking in the same
way? How many other christians are not truly saved?

I turned away from JESUS in my walk.....It was a slow and suddle turning
away.... Convincing myself all along the way that I can walk my walk, give
the Lord "courtesy prayer" and everything will be okay. I WAS SO WRONG.
Thank you LORD for your warning, as horrifying as it was. Thank you LORD
for giving me another chance to make you Lord of my Life.

Thanks so much to you, Pastor Lankford and the Hagmanns for literally
saving me from the pits of hell.

May God Bless you all.

Jan 13, 2014

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