He said, THREE times, 'those who say they are called by My name and are not are going to see the manifestation of My anger and will become offended at Me'.

Steve, Hawk

Read Rick Wiles testimony about the Amazon toddler's prophecy and just read the latest prophecy you posted from T.D. Hale. Both prophecies mentioned fire. Plus, many are having dreams/visions re fire. So I want to release this to you.

I concur. Last Tuesday, Jan. 14th, I was wide awake again in the middle of the nite. This has been happening alot. I get this intense, deep feeling of grieving (travail) and I KNOW I am feeling God the Father's heart. All I can do is weep and pray in the spirit. Tuesday night, I was praying in the Spirit and the Father's presence suddenly filled the room. I know His presence. I have not experienced it many times; mostly the Holy Spirit or the Lord on occasion. It's that cover my head, bury my face and frozen to the floor presence as the spirit of the fear of the Lord overwhelms me! I did not hear Him audibly; but what He spoke was so strong in my spirit it was if it was audible. This was not one of those "My Child......" moments. This was the Father sharing what He was about to do on this earth. Unlike Abraham negotiating for Sodom/Gomorrah, this was non-negotiable. I will share what is most pertinent. He said, He was going to manifest His anger on this earth. I knew this included fire. He said, THREE times, "those who say they are called by My name and are not are going to see the manifestation of My anger and will become offended at Me". He said these are many of those that will become offended at Him; they will be a part of the great falling away and die, forever banished into outer darkness. He shared about a new militant army that will rise. I knew many youth would be in this army. Militant and single minded to see His kingdom come on earth to glorify His Son. They will be over comers by the Blood of the Lamb, the Word of their testimony and because they do not love their lives even unto death. To them, death will be gain but their goal is to fight the good fight of faith and finish the course on this earth for His glory and His glory alone. Because they are set apart, He will endue them with anointing from the Holy Spirit to perform signs and wonders that have never been seen on this earth before. Also, existence will depend upon it. The words spoken by Jesus, "greater works shall you do" will be fulfilled as never before. However, He also made me to know that they would need the wisdom/counsel/guidance of those mature in age spiritually and physically. So I knew there would be a remnant of "seniors", so to speak, He would protect and keep for this task. The impression was like the 7,000 God set apart and reserved, that had not compromised and He had hidden from Elijah. (I'm not saying 7,000 .....just the analogy given to me) The darkness on the earth will be used as a tool to greater illuminate His light. He said there will be an infusion of Wisdom in the midst of radical chaos. Also, Wisdom brings strength, strength produces peace and peace brings hope.

I had a fleeting thought to ask if intercessors could change this course but I knew in an instant this was non-negotiable. He was fulfilling scripture by sharing what He was going to do before He did it. I also knew He was sharing this with others. I could hardly get my breath for hours after that. All I could say over and over was "merciful God, cover us in your Blood." If we are not hidden in the "cleft of the Rock", we will be perish.

I couldn't even speak about this for several days. Finally shared with my husband. I confirmed through His Word, the times He demonstrated His anger, and then God confirmed it with Amazon Toddler and now T.D. Hale. My heart is heavy like a travail even as I type this. Mass death.

Side note: The Lord instructed my husband not to make any major decisions in the next 30 days. He also instructed me we were to saturate ourselves in His Word. We study the Word alot so this means to me we need to raise the bar to become deeper immersed by His Holy Spirit into the Word. That was for us but just wanted to share.

Thank you both for your faithfulness to watch, pray, build up and strengthen; a clearing house not a store house. And, again, you are in our daily prayers.Pat

Jan 19, 2014

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