The human race has turned away from God, and the consequences of this rebellion are

Dear Steve,

I thought long and hard before sending you this e-mail.

Yesterday afternoon I went for a drive. It was a beautiful, sun-drenched scene that blessed my soul. The Lord has blessed me richly. He has watched over me and protected me. My life is in His hands.

As I was driving along, an idea popped into my mind. At first I was puzzled why such a thing would occur to me, but I immediately saw something that reinforced it. I instantly knew that God was showing me something, something important. I was overwhelmed. The implications were stunning.

Later, I pulled into the parking lot of a grocery store, and what God showed me "finalized" the vision. I sat there in my car, speechless. There was no doubting what God had shown me.

I was barely able to walk into the store. I looked around at things. The food. The people.

Steve, in a very short will all be gone. Like an iceberg calving from a glacier, once it starts to go, it will go, and nothing can stop it from crashing down. Everything will go...everything will crash down.

We know there is a happy ending to all this--Christ returns and establishes His authority over all. But between now and that happy ending, the entire world will go through something terrible. Countless billions of souls will be lost. There are no words to describe what is about to happen. The human race has turned away from God, and the consequences of this rebellion are

I will spend the remaining brief pause before the crash in prayer. There is nothing else left to do. The END is upon us all.

Steve, you are a brave watchman upon the wall. Thank-you for everything you have done to warn people of what is coming. May God watch over you and yours. God bless you.

Sincerely yours in Christ,


Jan 20, 2014

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