Cannabalism and the coming famine

Hi Steve,
In truth, I did not want to send this but the Lord has told me that I must.

It concerns a dream that my 10 year old son had last weekend. It frightened him a lot. I told you before what the Lord had showed him will happen when Fukushima blows. Before I relate this dream, I want you to know that the Lord told him January 5th that Russian subs were heading to the US and that Chinese planes would attack the US. The Lord told me last year that there would be a 2nd Pearl Harbor.

In his dream, He said that I was with him. We were in a medical helicopter that landed on the top of a building which was called "American Hospital". We went into the building. It was devastated inside. On the way down there was no one except some doctors looking for medicine. We came out the ground floor entrance. Outside were many people, all ages. They were ALL VERY THIN. He said like skeletons. They were all nearly BALD with just a few strands of hair. They were living in rough shelters.
A woman was with her daughter. She didn't like her daughter. Then she saw a baby in a basket. It belonged to a nurse who was busy trying to help people. She took the baby away and went to another spot where she ate the baby. That was when he woke up and came to me for prayer.

I really did not want to send this but the Lord told me that I must after I was checking the scriptures. Of course I knew that it happened like this in Hezekiah's day and I knew that it was part of the curses of Deuteronomy 28. It was when I read the context of this part of the curses listed that I knew that I must send it to you. Read Deuteronomy 28, starting verse 49 until 57, and 2 Kings 6:24-29.

Steve, what the lady said in your D/V's posting last 19th about what is coming and the youth being raised up is 100% spot on. I am seeing these young people here in the Philippines as I have done elsewhere.

God bless you and your family Steve.
Bro Ian

Jan 21, 2014

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