Dream about islamic Super Soldiers

Hello , Steve I had this dream about 8-9 years ago it was in 2 parts the first part i remember being in the middle of down town Boston it was a normal night i looked up at the sky and saw these black airplanes and i could see parachutes coming out of the back
and then one of these paratroopers landed near by and i could see boston PD surrounded him and they began to shoot but he did not go down i remember them being very tall i would say about 7 to 8 feet tall very muscular they wore black BDUs black boots and a black balaclava like mask with no cut out for the eyes and i remember they carried very large knives and they killed everything in their path

The reason why i say they were islamic is because in the dream i understood that they were as if i already knew

in the second part of the dream i remember ,I was running from one these beings and he was chasing me and some people through the Boston subway system i just remeber being so terrified at this creature and trying to get away but he knew where i was and he was chasing me and then i awoke-- and its strange because since then I have had a lot of dreams terrifying and vivid as well that i have forgotten about --but i could never forget about this one

God bless you Steve thank you for your time ,Ricardo

Dec 6, 2012

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