Dream of volcanic eruption in Ohio from Michigan Resident

Dream of volcanic eruptionOhio

In this dream I was sitting at my computer watching some type of online
weather forecast. It was like watching a you tube video in full screen
mode. At first I thought the live video was about HAARP. The video was
live and the reporter was accepting call in questions. On the screen was a
map of the United States. The first caller said he was from Canton, Ohio.
He gave his address as and wanted to know if the reporter could see

As the reporter typed in the name of the city and the video screen zoomed
into the North East corner of Ohio. On the radar screen of the area the
reporter indicated that there was some type of plume directly South West of
the callers location. Then the video zoomed in closer to view what was the
cause of the plumelike a live feed from a satellite only the feed was in
black and white. What the image revealed was a volcanic dome with lava
spewing out and an ash cloud traveling North East towards Canton. The
reporter told the caller to evacuate immediately. I woke up and looked at
the clockit was 9:11 a.m.

Later in the day I started researching google maps and located a dormant
dome aptly named, Killbuck Dome. It was located about 35 miles South East
of Canton, Ohio.

Just a side note. I am not familiar with Ohio at all. So it was strange
for me to receive a dream like this. You have my permission to use my
name, location and contents of this email in part or in entirety. J.M. HENDEASON MICIGAN

Jan 26, 2014

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