A loud-speaker boomed 'this area is now under the control of the united nations. Do not travel and turn in your weapons immediately'. Thats it!

Steve: I am a retired USAF senior NCO and this has never happened to me
before (a disaster dream) and I don't know what to make of it, if
anything. It was very brief but very vivid. Don't blink - catch this
before it goes away.

I was outside working in my garden when I heard the loud racket of a
low-flying helicopter. It passed over the house at about 50 feet and I
could see that it filled with troops.
I am deeply bothered by this because I have heard and read so much of it
in the past year or so. Things seem to be building to a climax because so
many people are "dreaming dreams".

Jesus protect us all!

From another 'Watchman'

Jan 29, 2014

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