I was shown a commercial airport terminal and a plane crash landing with a nuclear bomb on board.

Dream/Vision 1/30/14:

I was again active in the dream/vision, yet also watching, in the 3rd person, as events unfolded. I was shown a commercial airport terminal and a plane crash landing with a nuclear bomb on board. I watched as the plane came perilously close to the passenger terminal as it tore up the airport property. I clearly saw a pointed-tip nuclear warhead [in my 3rd person perspective] before it exploded. The very peculiar thing I also observed was an almost indescribable huge metal armament the size of a warship raise up out of the earth the moment the bomb exploded. I couldn't discern what this monstrous metallic armament was. Immediately, I was transported in the vision/dream to an area in Maryland [near Washington, DC], where I grew up, and still have family. I was warning everyone to flee as the nuclear cloud was already visible, yet everyone seemed oblivious to the impending danger. I was again running here and there trying to warn as many people as possible, but they were in denial of reality, immersed in the 'Normalcy Bias.' Many were even sitting outside in their lawn chairs chatting about the Super Bowl, etc. I shouted, "a bomb has exploded, the air is toxic, you will get cancer if you don't immediately flee!!!" And even though there was a foreboding dark plume in the skies all around, the majority of people seemed unconscious and looked at me as though I was overreacting. Judging by the terrain and architecture around me, this event took place on the East Coast of the United States. I was aware of a lot of water in the lower caverns in which I was running to get away from the nuclear fallout. This event definitely had not taken place in any of the Western States, but I was aware that the huge cloud would still effect friends and family living there, so I was also calling to them to protect themselves and take potassium iodide. I was consciously aware during this vision and coming out of it I ask God the exact location of this event. Unfortunately, I did not receive an answer other than to 'recall the geography,' which would have been the Mid-Atlantic/ lower Northeastern area of the U.S. I looked out my bedroom window as the clouds were beginning to part with sunrise with crystal clear recall of what I witnessed, still feeling the reverberation of the vision and prayed it was just a bad dream....

Feb 1, 2014

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