Dream of Invasion of the Pacific by the Chinese

Dream of Invasion of the Pacific by the Chinese

I got this dream early this morning and it disturbed me as I woke up to
write it down. I prayed whether I should share it or not but I believe the
Lord wants me to.
I was on an Island in the South pacific or perhaps one of the Hawaiian
Islands. This part is unclear. The Chinese had launched a full scale
invasion of the whole region. I was on this island and people were trying
to escape watching news reports on TV as the whole region came under
attack. There was only one way off the island by boat and it was impossible
to get on it as people were in panic and there was absolute chaos. I saw
the news and clips from around the region about how the resistance and the
Americans were being defeated. I saw a graphic picture of an American line
of defense of some military and civil authorities being blown up and many
Americans being killed. Like I said I dont know if there was a specific
area of this dream but in the pacific in general. When I woke up I was kind
of disturbed because I started thinking about the American mainland and
surely we would have nuked them and then I remembered all the stories about
the American nuclear force commanders being purged and the placement of
foreign troops, mostly Chinese and Russians alongside our own DHS (Obamas
Civilian Security Force that was just as strong and just as well armed as
our military). Remember all the billions of rounds of ammo purchases? One
last thing I remember hearing...Someone said that America would fight back
and there were millions of gun owners with more than a hundred guns. I dont
know if thats true or not but I do know there are many Americans with large

God Bless

Feb 11, 2014

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