My wild dream:
Hey Steve, I have eyes to see and ears to hear and had this strange dream a month ago.
I was under a large highway bridge. There was 2 large duce and a half army trucks with armed soldiers. They were yelling, “get on the truck” as they shoved some sheeple on the trucks. I said to myself,” I’m NOT getting on that truck I know where it will end up.” I was about to run when another guy ran. He ran about 10 feet and was shot in back by soldiers. I thought, “Oh man I don’t want to die tonight.”

I snuck around bridge and hid among a group of civilians. A guy tried to stab me with a large screwdriver. Luckily I know martial arts, was able to disarm him and take him out fairly easily. His buddy saw and pulled a pistol on me. Thankfully I was able to disarm again but this time I was able to get 2 pistols off bad guy. I snuck in small group in-between soldiers and mass civilians. I saw a tough looking guy and offered 1 of the pistols to him. He gladly took it.
Then I heard, “what’s that??” I looked up and a cigar shaped UFO was quickly overhead floating down. Soldiers stopped rounding up people and began to shoot at UFO. A spotlight popped on and when it hit the people it sucked them up into UFO like a vacuum. I came across a 4 wheeler and jumped on. A spotlight was trying to get me but I was able to dodge it for a brief minute. When the spotlight hit me, the 4wheeler immediately stopped, and I screamed up at the UFO, “You can’t have me, I belong to JESUS CHRIST!!!” Then the dream was over!!!
On top of this, 2 days later I found this YouTube vid that showed how over a dozen people saw this and 2-3 cops also saw it. It was a strange UFO that looked EXACTLY like I saw in my dream and even had a spotlight on it!!!!!

Dec 6, 2012

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