Based on the 'Parable of the Talents' ... it occurred to me that today, to 'bury' the talent is to keep it in paper! To 'plant' it is to put it where it can grow!

Jesus: "Here is a parable of sorts. A traveler comes upon two farms with two farmers. Both fields are perfect for planting. Both fields are prepared for harvest. Both farmers love their work; they love to farm. The traveler approaches both farms. The traveler presents two bags of seed. The traveler blesses the seed and freely gives it to the farmers. Both farmers accept it – but one is hesitant. He tries to give the traveler the seed back. The traveler says ‘no’ and leaves. The one farmer gladly accepts the seed and joyfully plants it, praising God for the gift. This farmer reaps a record harvest, producing three times more seed than the other farmer. This farmer is able to give away a third of his provision to other farmers – and he praises God! He is able to give even more than he received, and – he is quite comfortable.”

Erin: “Oh, no, Lord – what of the other farmer?”

Jesus: “Ah yes! He felt so bad about receiving free seed – he planted in fear. He didn’t praise God, so first the crows came and stole his seed, and then the sun scorched it. Then, with the last bit of it, he was afraid to plant it – in fear of it being lost. So the seed became bad.”

Erin: “Lord, this must be me.”

Jesus: “Yes, I have watched you, and you are rewarded for this, but I am referring to something else. It is your lack in faith. Look at that farmer – his crop/seed was stripped twice. He couldn’t take that again – the heartache – so he sat in his home and imagined being stripped a third time, and decided to do nothing! He didn’t think he had the favor to receive the Good Gifts of God! He didn’t even look at the faithful farmer’s field, for fear of seeing his own lack in comparison!”

Feb 17, 2014

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