'Call of the watchman'

The watchman are shouting,
The time is at hand.
Out on the rooftops,
And throughout the land.
To wake up the slumber,
And raise up the dead.
Of the church who can't hear,
Or see what's ahead.
The signs are all there,
For those who have sight,
Who are called by his name,
And can see through the night.
Take heed from that voice,
A word to the wise.
Remove all your doubt,
And the scales from your eyes.
Suit up with your armor.
Your spiritual wear.
Get ready for battle,
And start to prepare.
That army is coming.
To kill and devour.
Lay waste to the land.
It's his last hour.
But cast out all fear.
and Stand up for TRUTH,
The MOST HIGH is here,
And HIS Angels are loosed.
The war is already won,
for those who don't bow.
To the will of the serpent,
For he is cast down.
The destruction he brings,
Will outweigh the past,
The pressure is building,
To a critical mass.
The watchers return,
With a venomous lust,
For the blood of the saints,
And a measure of dust.
But splitting the darkness,
The light now does come,
With the splendor and brilliance
Of ten thousand suns.
A White Horse arrives,
Faithful and true,
To end all the slaughter,
And make the earth new.
No wars to bring sorrow,
HE separated the tares
HE took all of the swords,
And beat them into plough shares

-Jared R

Feb 19, 2014

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