Hello Steve,

I’m a Canadian Naval Officer and I wanted to share with you a dream I had in 2010. It was one of only three dreams I’ve had in my life that I strongly feel was from God. I see you put dreams on your website so I though I would share mine with you. The dream goes as follows.

I was on the bridge of a Canadian war ship and we were sailing with an American ship like we do so often. Something was different about this time however. There was very little light outside but it was during the day, like a dark black cloud had descended all around us. There was an overwhelming sense of heaviness, darkness and anxiety in the air. The American war ship was heavily armed. It looked like a battle ship, one with large heavy guns; which is strange because battleships are obsolete in modern Navies. Nevertheless, I believe this symbolized the strength of American military power. I felt safe knowing our heavily armed American Allies were right next to us. Soon after I felt this, the American ship turned and sailed away, where too I did not know, but it left us vulnerable as our ship had nowhere near the capabilities of the Americans. A short time later I spotted a Russian war ship, it came out of what seemed like nowhere and surprised all of us. It came up right behind us and boarded us quickly without warning. Before I knew it the Russians had seized control of our ship and stormed the bridge. I was powerless to stop them as it all happened too fast to mount any kind of defence against the surprise boarding. No shots were fired, and our ship didn’t put up any resistance as we were caught totally off guard. No communication or distress signal was transmitted before we were fully under Russian control. The dream ended there.

I feel like this dream means that someday the Russians will take advantage of a time when America is distracted or occupied with something else and will take control of Canada, or parts of it, in order to launch a larger operation against the USA. Perhaps, as you suggest, as a staging ground for the invasion of the USA.

Dec 6, 2012

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