A voice from Heaven said, 'This (the blowing white ash from a fire) represents nuclear weapons activity! Prepare, this is coming soon!'

I dreamed this last night. I was aware of the fact I was dreaming.

In this dream, I was with a group of people taking cover in an underground shelter from a passing storm that could spawn tornados. The shelter had 2 rooms, one room had the group of people standing around in it, and the other had an old large oak tabe with a plate of cheese on it. After a while of waiting, I opened the door to go eat the cheese because I was hungry and that was all there was for me to eat. The room was filled with a white blizzard of white hot ash. I asked is this from a volcano? What is this? Then a voice let me know that this was a dream, and a voice from Heaven said, "This (the blowing white ash from a fire) represents nuclear weapons activity! Prepare, this is coming soon!' I realized I only had about 3 months to prepare! I rejoined the group and warned them about nuclear winter to come. Many laughed and made fun of me. One man said he'll prove me wrong and as he stepped outside, he completely dissolved to nothing as the blizzard of hot white ash cut through him like a hot knife through butter. The group believed me and became afraid. Then some kind of group of government men came to the door, and they were some of kind of bio-hazard group. They were dressed in blue decontaimination suits and had respirators ovre their mouths, and goggles over their eyes. Theyt kicked us out of the shelters so they could fill it full of dead bodies in black body bags. All the coffin liners FEMA had ordered were all filled up and completely, but so many people were dying so fast, there was still not enough to dispose of all dead. They stacked the bodies floor to ceiling and very disrespectfully, as if the dead were just bags of luggage, but there were so many dead and the need to bury them quickly was so great, there was no time for funerals or prayers. (Isn't that just like the government to kick out the living who need help, to make room for the dead that no longer need help?) Outside above ground, the group huddled together. I saw a bright red helicopter accompanied by a Predator drone lift off the ground and fly east. I looked north, and saw 3 small nuclear explosions in the distance. Men volunteered to start up the tractors and start plowing so that perhaps crops can be planted to feed the survivors. There was a deafening roar in the air, like the roar of many lions and a hurricane strength wind was blowing. I also was shown images of many bodies, just laying out in the open, scattered like garbage on the streets, and they were distorted, the heads were bloated, the eyes were gone, as well as their lips, and tongues, and the bodies skeletal and all dark gray as if burnt, but they had been dead for only a couple of days. People did try to bury them and painted eyes on jar lids and put over the eyes, giving the dead the look of some of the having the most primitive death masks.

Apr 8, 2014

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