Date of receipt: 6 April 2014 ----

AC-- Since the update/upgrade for the modem/router, there is a definitive "clicking sound" in the background. Also, I (somewhere on/in the line) heard two people, sounded like two male voices emanating from a small, enclosure; akin to a van or SUV, talking in the background. Wonder what they were discussing?

(Bob’s Latest revelation from the Father/Holy Spirit)

Now, with regard to this administration, from the top down.

Note financial incursions into every American's finances; if not reigned in and checked: there’ll be marches, protests, escalating into violence on every level; i.e., local, state, & federal. If this administration goes forward with the proposed mortgage plans; i.e., using the Obama Care Health/Medical Plan, millions of homeowners will lose their home(s), buildings, lands, etc. How? Why?

Simple: if you like your can keep it. Sure! And, this Administration, from the top down -- is transparent & never lies...right?! If said mortgage scheme progresses, stealing American's properties, there will be civil war...without question...period.

"Hello! And welcome to your beloved and caring government; i.e., we’ll protect you! Welcome to the Safe Zones; already constructed for your convenience and safety! Which equals Martial Law, suspension of all Constitutional protections, Declaration of Independence, Bill Of Rights, & Federalist Papers.

Come on in, 'We have such a deal for you! All expenses paid by your caring and loving governments at all levels; Federal, State, & Local. Trust us! We’ll, 'Take care of you!' Besides, we all have your best interests at heart! Which is why we have over 125 - 150 thousand coffins awaiting your final resting place; just in case something is beyond our control! ‘“

Flight 370: What I’m permitted to say at this time is, what the Father showed does not coincide with what is being "reported." When I attempted to "bounce a few thoughts off of someone during a phone discussion, I was told, ‘Bob! Don’t! Bob! Don't say it! Just don't say it!’ Interesting indeed.

This from an active duty, highly trained, possessing ‘skill sets’ that would make a Special Forces trooper‘s blood run cold. Hence, when I was warned, I knew to, "Shut up." I got the message, "loud and clear."

Something is simply not right with regard to any and all of this. I was told, ‘You would be surprised what we can locate...anywhere, at any time, at any depth, regardless of conditions. That’s all I’ll say about this.’ 370 lost? Questionable? (ABC: Right.. Global Hawk-pirated, and landed, for future use!)

Trashing Israel: As in, casting Israel aside like an already dead corpse; abandoning Israel to her fate; arming Israel's sworn enemies. El Shaddai is about to put “forces” into the field and fray [things] on Israel's defense. Hell will be visited upon those who attempt to cast Israel aside. Heaven will not show mercy upon those who side with Israel's sworn enemies...regardless of who or whom that may be.

Note: watch this summer's heat waves; they’ll become not only crop killers; but, slayers of mankind...worldwide. Water reserves & resources will dry up and bake the bottoms of said reservoirs and resources. Hydroelectric facilities will not have enough water to sustain the power grid...brown outs will become outs will foreshadow unprecedented chaos, anarchy, & crime. Governments will crumble beneath the unsustainable governance loads. Officials will flee their offices/posts in fear of their very lives. Please excuse the following, it however is what the Father is showing in graphic terms, "Payback's a b….. ain’t it!" Local people and militias will take over and do what vaunted governments are unable to do, or even try. Then the question becomes, "Will you fire on your own people? Or will you aid and assist them?" A very, very dangerous time is now upon us all -- worldwide.

6. Now...right time to procure any and all food and fluids for surviving this time-frame! Delay will mean the demise of those who delay.


Apr 14, 2014

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