Satan like a lion still roams throughout the earth
Seeking whom he may devour has he found a home within the church?
Let those with ears hear the Spirit calling out for righteousness
Sadly we have embraced the world and dearly love our impiousness

God’s call remains insistent yet to evil we offer no resistance
And Satan doesn’t have to flee for we have abandoned falling to our knees
It has come that our time has all been spent
Today is the day we must repent.

When Jesus shed His blood, crucified on Calvary
It wasn’t a religious ceremony or to prove His piety
It was the ultimate sacrifice; He was trading life for life
Yet we reject the sacrifice, holding tightly to our vice

We are racing with rapidity ever quickly towards eternity
While salvation slips not through our fingers but our knees.
The Watchman continues warning of coming evil and calamity
And the warnings are scoffed as conspiracy; just gibberish of insanity.

The roaring lion is prowling at our window; he is lurking at our door
The Watchmen warn, the Spirit calls, destruction waits if we ignore
Today is the day of Salvation; this is the day for deliverance
We are anxious over the unknown yet deaf to the call for repentance.

We know not what lies beyond the dawn or what evil prowls the night
The unknown enslaves us to fear for the unknown we cannot fight
We don’t need to know what tomorrow holds only who holds tomorrow
Repentance is our preparation to enter the unknown but refusal leads to sorrow

Fear will flee when we’re on our knees
Salvation waits for all mankind at Calvary
We exist now on the very edge of our eternity
We pray Lord open our eyes that we might see

By Randy Conway

May 1, 2014

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